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Activities to enjoy at home

Autumt Term 1

Can you find out about Egyptian food and create a menu for an Egyptian banquet?

Can you make some Egyptian snacks?

Make a shopping list of the ingredients you need.

Use hieroglyphs to create a bedroom door plaque.

Visit Manchester Museum Egyptology department! Can you find the mummies?


Autumn 2

Can you find 10 interesting facts about modern Egypt?

Can you learn some Egyptian words e.g. hello?

Can you make a pair of earmuffs to block out sound?

Practise telling the time! Get your family to ask you at different points in the day.

Can you investigate what materials exist as a solid, liquid and a gas?

Can you spend each week learning a different times table? When you know them all, can you mix them up?

Can you write a fabulous winter poem?


Spring 2

Can you make a list of all the changes the Roman made to Britain

Can you make a model of a Roman Road showing the different layers

Can you create a piece of art work which includes a mosaic design

Can you create a diary of spring changes in your garden

Can you name any plants or animals you see on a spring walk

Can you create a power point about the Romans

Can you research foods eaten during Roman Times and have a go at making thCan e dish


Spring 2

Can you find any facts out about Castleton

Can you use the 8 points of a compass to navigate around your garden or in the park

Can you make a leaflet about a place you have visited with your family

Can you make a simple model of the digestive system

Can you make a list of the top ten ways to keep your teeth healthy

Can you draw a self portrait or a portrait of a family member