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Today, you are going to read about another famous person. Nelson Mandela. Have you heard of his name before? Today’s focus is on our reading as well as learning about a new famous person. Read through the PowerPoint or listen to Mrs Hodgson reading through the PowerPoint on the video centre and then read through the reading comprehension text and answer the questions about Nelson Mandela. Mrs Hodgson will also read this text aloud on the video centre if you wish to follow along with me reading before answering the questions.



Begin today's lesson by playing the fact family multiplication and division game to get your maths brains switched on which you can access here

The rest of today's maths lesson will be completed here on the Oak National Academy website

First - introductory quiz 

Then - interactive video 

Finally - independent task (which is also attached as a document at the bottom of this page if you would like to print it out). 



In history today, we are going to watch the same powerpoint about Florence Nightingale you watched last week and reflect on the improvements she made to the hospitals.  Have you ever been in hospital or visited someone?  Talk about what hospitals are like now and how people are kept safe.  Afterwards complete the worksheet to sort the statements about hospitals before and after the influence of Florence Nightingale. 


Getting Active

Have a go today at Cosmic Kids where you can learn and practise yoga through a story.  Cosmic Kids has a website but you can see lots of these videos on Youtube.  Today's Cosmic Kids yoga story is The Twits.  Click here.