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Today, we are going to focus on a part of our English called SPAG. Can you remember what SPAG stands for? So today, we are going to be looking at improving our use of grammar with a little bit of punctuation too. We are going to learn how to use expanded noun phrases in our writing. What is a noun? Watch the video on expanded noun phrases here. Next, open the video of Mrs Hodgson (video centre) where I will explain what we are going to do today. You will need a pencil and paper, and possibly a print out of the picture attached below but this is not essential as Mrs Hodgson will share her screen where the picture will be an you can pause the video. Think about, what you can see, who, where, adjectives. We are going to create our expanded noun phrases in a similar way to the video showed. For example:
The girl
The happy girl
The happy, beautiful girl
The happy, beautiful girl walking her dog.

Use the picture to create 3 to 5 sentences using expanded noun phrases in them just like the example above and how Mrs Hodgson showed you on the video.


Extension task: watch this video on Nelson Mandela to reinforce your learning from yesterday. There is also an activity on the page too. 



Today's lesson will carry on and continue from yesterday's maths lesson by Oak National Academy so please make sure that you have completed yesterday's (Tuesday 12th January) lesson before starting today's work. 

Today's maths lesson will be completed here on the Oak National Academy website

First - interactive video 

Then - independent task (which is also attached as a document at the bottom of this page if you would like to print it out). 

Finally - a final quiz to test your knowledge and understanding of sharing a total equally

EXT - Complete the two extension worksheets attached if you complete all of the Oak Academy maths above



In art today, we are finding out about a famous artist and sculptor. Do you know what sculpture is? Have a chat with someone to share your ideas.

First Watch the video and find out who our famous artist and sculptor is. click here

Next Join Mrs Graham in sketching, in the style of this artist on the school website video centre - click here.  See 'Sketching Tools' below for all the things you will need and some images of pictures you will be have a go at sketching with Mrs Graham.


Finally for today, you are going to learn the song Abeeyo, which is a welcome, call and response, song from Australia - click here.