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Write descriptively about FN using yesterday’s adjectives. Today, we are going to use yesterday’s spider diagram to help us write a descriptive paragraph all about Florence Nightingale. I want you to explain why you have used each adjective to describe her in each of your sentences too. Watch the video of Mrs Hodgson explaining and modelling how you might use because in your writing to extend your sentence and to explain why you have chosen a particular adjective to describe Florence Nightingale. Once you have watched the video, have a go at writing your own descriptive words up into full sentences to create your descriptive paragraph. There is also a list of adjectives below to help you describe Florence Nightingale if you want to use any of these to help you. There might be some on there that you don’t know the meaning of. As an extra challenge, you could look those words up in a dictionary (either online dictionary or book if you have one) to find out what they mean and write them down to help you remember what they mean.



We have come to the last maths lesson of the week and the last lesson on sharing equally and division for a while so we are going to deepen our understanding of this by completing some reasoning and problem solving questions today. The questions you be completing independently are of the same format and style that we often do in school so you should be used to the question type - lots of proving, working at the correct from incorrect and explaining how you've work out the answer. 

Begin by watching Miss Balfe's video on division reasoning and problem solving on the video centre which you can do by clicking here. Once you have done this, look at the worksheet attached below and complete the set A or set B questions (just like you did in yesterday's maths lesson). Miss Balfe has used a number of questions from set B in her video to go through together so you may want to choose your question set depending on how confident you feel after watching the video. 



Our last day of the week, and this time its PE.  Your aim today is to improve your catching skills whilst having fun.  You will need rolled up socks, a pillow case filled with socks (or something similar) or soft toy.  For the home-based lesson 'This Is PE'  click here. 


If you don't have someone to play with, or are ready to try something new, try this game in your garden or outside:  Throw your object as high as your chest and then catch your object as it comes down. Repeat until you are really good.  Gradually throw the object higher until the object is above your head, making sure you catch each time. How high can you throw the object and still catch it? If you drop it - start with low throws again.   If you want a challenge, then try throwing, clapping and catching.  


Getting Relaxed

Now your week is over, its time to learn a relaxation technique of five finger breathing.  By practising the finger breathing when we are calm, when we are worried, anxious, angry or just need to calm down, using finger breathing can help. Click here to join in with the jungle animal to learn your five finger breathing.