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1st July Wednesday Weekly Post

Dear Nursery,

How are you all this week? I hope you are all still enjoying the learning and starting to get ready for Big School, whether you are at home or coming into pre-school.

This week we are sharing ‘The Way I feel’ . The video is on the School Website, in the Home Learning: Video section.

In Nursery we are experimenting how far we can make things travel on the chutes, changing angles. We are also checking in on the seeds we planted.

Literacy/ Communication and Language Development; what are your best memories? What are your best memories of Lockdown? Make small books of your memories or Print out a treasured photo, write, and make marks in the white border. Appreciate everyone may have different memories of the same event.  Make a themed play-basket of Summer, what would you put in it and why? Send me a picture of your play baskets. Mine would have a bottle of sun lotion, that is the smell of summer, a watering can and a sunhat- we are going to need these those summer and also a sunflower ( probably homemade) as not only are they a symbol of summer but they area  heliotrope meaning they always turn to face the sun. One of my most loved Walt Whitman quotes “Keep your face always towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you” Let’s keep looking to the sunny things, like starting school.

I have included some writing templates.

Mathematics; Matching, shape space & measure and pairs. Go on a Colour & Number walk and see what you can spot in the environment.

Name as many colours as you can. Maybe make a daily rainbow display of different household objects (send in pics) or order your homes books by colour?

Story time;.

I love this if you have not seen it! Read by the Author himself. Bright Stanley and the Mermaid

Physical Development:  Use chalk to trace lines. Follow them as if they were tightropes over hot lava, test yourself, can you go backwards? Maybe chalk a whole obstacle course, giving yourself physical challenges at each stop. Dance to this Rainbow Go Noodle, Or This one.

Reflection: How did you feel today? Do this Rainbow Breath activity and think about how you feel before and after doing the activity.

I have been working with Reception this week and we watched Steve Turre , a trombonist as part of their Blue Planet topic. Can you guess why? What is he playing?

Here is an extra Happy Happy song!  

Have a Great week and keep checking the Blog for more updates as we go.

Cheers, Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole