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24th June Wednesday Weekly Post

Dear Nursery,

How are you all this week? I hope you are all still enjoying the learning and starting to get ready for Big School, whether you are at home or coming into pre-school.

This week we are sharing ‘Taking a Bath with the Dog & Other things that make me Happy’. The You Tube video will be in this week’s section.

We will be playing outside but also using water and bubbles to keep cool.

Literacy/ Communication and Language Development; You can make a To Do List of the things you do to cheer up and other ideas are in the weekly plan.

I have included a List sheet for that & an outline template to write inside, what makes you happy and outside what does not.

Mathematics; Matching, shape space & measure and pairs. Go on a Shape or Math walk and see what you can spot in the environment.

Hide 5 different shapes for someone else to find and take turns to hides them and seek them out. Describe the shapes you have found using the language sides and corners.  

Story time; Zog, a Julia Donaldson adaptation.

I love this very NOW Elmo’s Playdate programme if you haven’t seen it!

Physical Development:  There is a great science activity with playdough. Find a flower, take it to bits and recreate it in playdough. This would consolidate the learning from previous weeks. Plus practice those finger skills.

Reflection: How did you feel today? Do the Yoga activity and think about how you feel before and after doing the activity.

I found some cool science you can do at home, that is extra to the topic ideas.

I have been working with Reception this week and we found some nice stuff for their Blue Planet topic that I think you will enjoy. Might cool you down this week.

Saint Saens The Aquarium, Go Noodle support World Oceans Day, The Goldfish Song, Squish The fish Cosmic Yoga

Also there was a great talk on CBeebies about ‘Everybody’s Welcome’ which is a great way to support the BLM movement.

Have a Great week and keep checking the Blog for more updates as we go.

Cheers, Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole