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Possible home learning timetables

Remember to visit your weekly spellings each day. Get your parents to test you at the end of the week 


These are the common exception words that we hope the children can spell by the end of Year 4. We have included Y2-4 so that you can work with your children on spellings relevant to them. Words sent home for homework are linked to the no nonsense spellings, which is a spelling teaching structure that we use in school.


Remember to use a range of strategies;

Look Say Cover Write CHech (LSCWrCh)

Shape doodles

Post its around the house

Snap games

Missing letters

Mnemonics e.g. because = big elephants can't always use side exits

Rhythm e.g. difficulty = Mrs D Mrs I Mrs FFI Mrs C Mrs U Mrs LTY



Practise your letter formation. capital letters reaching the top of the line and the lower case half way up, or your descenders half way down.

Science: Light

You can use the activity sheets if it helps you choosing the 1,2 or 3 star or present your work in your own way.

Lesson 3: Sun Safety

LO: To recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways to protect our eyes

Work through the Sun Safety Powerpoint. (linked below) You can miss out the activity on slide 7. 


Watch these videos:




How can we protect our eyes?

Create a safety poster to show how to protect our eyes from the sun or create a new pair of super safe sunglasses. Design an advertisement poster or act out a television advert to persuade people to buy them.