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5HN Week 6 7.2.22


This week we will write our second astronaut journal entry. This time we have arrived on one of the Trappist 1 planets and you will be writing about an exciting mission you took part in to explore the planet.

Monday- Choose one of the images of the planet landscapes. Then think of a noun that you can see Eg mountains, then think of an adjective to go with this Eg Jagged mountains, then add a verb eg stood and then an adverb eg proudly and then a prepostional phrase eg over the land. Put them together to make a sentence. Eg The jagged mountains stood proudly over the land.

Tuesday- Use the planning frame to plan your journal entry of the mission.

Wednesday- Begin to write your journal entry, explaining what happened on your mission. Remember to include the sentences you made on Monday. Describe what you saw, what happened, your feelings and reactions.

Thursday- Finish off your writing and then check and edit and improve your work. Think about ly, eg and ing openers. Are you happy with your wow words? Can you improve them?

Friday- Write the final corrected version of your journal in your best joined handwriting. You can add drawings.


Wednesday- Working through the powerpoint then complete the whiterose sheet. Mark your work and correct any mistakes.

Thursday- work through the powerpoint and then select which of the three level of questions you want to try. This is quite difficult so you might want to try a slightly easier one than you normally do at school.




This week we are learning how and why day and night occur at different times, in different parts of the world. 

Work through the powerpoint, then if you have a globe and torch complete the attached experiment. 

Geography / History 


Work through the powerpoint to learn about human and physical features. 

Now look through the powerpoint Exploration and discovery to learn about human features discovered in Copan. 

Research Palenque, Tikal or Chichen Itza and present your findings of the human and physical features in a way of your choice, for example by creating a poster or powerpoint.   


What qualities and thoughts do you need to grow your brain?

Create a piece of art similar to the example below to explore this.