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Instructions for Live Check-in

Read the Live Check-in Instructions below, then respond on Google Classroom to say you have read and understood


We can't wait to see all your faces again on the Live Check-ins at 10:30am!


- Join by clicking the link which will be visible on the Stream on Monday morning at 10:30am

- Don't join too early - if you are the first person on the meet then please leave until a teacher arrives

- Mute yourself before you enter, but you can have your camera turned on

- Do not change your background. Blurring your background is fine though.

- Try not to be in your bedroom - if you have to be, then blur your background using the settings before you enter the Live Check-in

- Once in the Live Check-in, Three B's at all times - Be Kind to others, Be Respectful to your teacher and peers, and Be your Best in terms of your behaviour

- Click the "Raise Hand" button if you would like to speak, and only once chosen, un-mute yourself to speak. Then re-mute yourself and "Lower your hand" by clicking the "Lower Hand" button

- A teacher can mute you, but you must un-mute yourself to speak, but only when asked to! We cannot unmute your microphone for you

- Do not use the Live Chat typing box to message in or each other. Only use this to tell your teacher your microphone isn't working

- No screenshots of the class Live Check-in please - your friends might not have permission.

- No face-pulling / gestures / showing objects on camera / behaviour you wouldn't show in school!


You will be removed from the Live Check-in if you do not follow any of the rules, but you can re-join providing you stick to them. Remember, we don't have long to "meet", so please follow the rules and we'll have a great time catching up every morning! If you have any questions then email the Year 5 email address.


If you can't get on to the Live Check-in, do not worry, we will be "meeting" lots over the coming weeks. Send us an email to list your problem and to say you tried to join and we might be able to fix your problem.