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Our new topic for this half term if fame!

Discuss what it means to be famous and maybe research the definitions (meaning) of famous, fame and inspirational. Then use the Florence Nightingale PowerPoint to learn about who she was and what she did. Why was she famous? What made her inspirational? Finally, use the note taking Word document to jot down any notes (perhaps using bullet points and short sentences) on what you now know and have learnt about Florence Nightingale. Don't worry if you can't print this document out, perhaps you have an actual notepad in which you could write down your Florence Nightingale notes!




Do you remember before the Christmas holidays we started to look at sharing equally? Perhaps you can remember a few words for this symbol: ÷

Today we are going to be looking at odd and even numbers. How do you think this might link to sharing equally? Say for example there were 4 apples. 4 is an even number. Could we share them equally between me and you? What about if we had 5 apples? 5 is an odd number. Could we still share them equally between me and you?

Even numbers have 0,2,4,6 or 8 ones and odd numbers have 1,3,5,7 or 9 ones. 

Play the following odd and even numbers game - click here!   

Then complete the odd and even numbers sheets one and two - for the second sheet, if you haven't got a dice at home you can ask a parent or someone at home to give you a number between 1 and 6 for each roll! 


Afternoon Activities:

See if you can find out any more information or interesting facts about Florence Nightingale. We are going to be doing more on Florence Nightingale tomorrow but this might give you a head start. 


Go for a walk either around your garden or around your neighbourhood (with an adult). It might be snowy and icy again this afternoon so make sure to wrap up warm! 


Ongoing activity: Ask your parents if you can start collecting some cardboard boxes that we will use in a couple of weeks time. Aim to get varying sizes of boxes, such as, cereal boxes, small cardboard boxes, larger cardboard boxes, (just like you did for the Great Fire of London structures) as this will be helpful when it comes to this Art and DT lesson.