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Week commencing 7th Jan 2021

Week Commencing 7th January 2021


Hi children, 

Hope you all had a fabulous break and were able to meet up with some family members on Christmas day.

If you can all remember, we are now learning about WINTER! 


Next week, I will be uploading lots of new and exciting activities for you to complete at home about WINTER, plus we are going to start learning lots of Letters and Sounds ( also known as Phonics). Watch out for my videos too where I will be teaching these to you!


For this week, I have put down some cool online games you can have a go on, then next week the Winter Learning wil start! HOW EXCITING!!


Missing you all!

Mrs Kaur and Mrs Poole



Click on the pictures below to try out these games!

Practising your counting skills




Ordering Numbers


Explore Maths Everywhere

Username: hannaht   Password: 25 




Phonics Phase 1

Describe the sounds you hear.        


Guess the animal sound.


Can you guess the sound before the picture is revealed?