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Today we would like you to watch this video clip (click here) to learn more about Florence Nightingale's life. Once you have watched the video, we would like you to click here for the next part of the lesson. Use the tabs on this page to work your way through the preparation activity, watch the video clip, complete the game and talk about the discussion question. When completing the game you need to put the sentences into chronological order. Can you remember what chronological order means? Perhaps you can tell your grown up. 


If you prefer to do this work on a worksheet then you can do so. Click on the Florence Nightingale Worksheet below to complete the preparation, game, questions and discussion tabs from the webpage. 




Today, we would like you to say out loud what the divide symbol means, other words for it and then answer: What is the inverse of division? (Hint: inverse is the same as opposite) 

Watch this video to see if you can help the two children to share equally. They are going on a picnic and need your help to share the food out equally! 

Now watch this video that shows you the relationship between multiplication and division which we also know as a fact family of numbers. Can you remember when we did fact families with addition and subtraction? It is exactly the same process with multiplication and division fact families. Once you have watched this video, complete the worksheet below. But remember... When we are dividing, what number do we always put at the beginning of our number sentence?


To show your understanding in more depth, you can always draw a picture to represent the fact family number sentences. For an example, see the Year 2 Friday 8th January Maths video clip on the video centre page of Mrs Hodgson explaining how you might represent each fact family through drawing. 


Afternoon Activity: RE


This term we are moving on from Christianity and we are going to be learning about Judaism. Do you know anything already about Judaism? Perhaps you could share this with somebody at home. You may know a couple of things or you may not know anything (yet) which is fine too. Today we would like you to listen to a video of how Judaism began and there is a storyboard activity at the end of the video which you should be familiar with from the storyboards which we have done at school. To test your knowledge further, at the end of the video, click next and you can complete the quiz. See how many you can get right! Click here for the lesson.