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8th July Wednesday Weekly Post

Dear Nursery,

How are you all this week? I hope you are all still enjoying the learning and starting to get ready for Big School, whether you are at home or coming into pre-school.

This week we are sharing ‘The Huge Bag Of Worries’ book . I will try to upload to Video section or if it is not, there it will be via You Tube on this week’s section.

Music we have enjoyed:  John Williams We saw this amazing thing Ludovico Einaudi in Arctic & the Making Of

In Nursery, we are making and moulding gingerbread, painting the rainy floors with powder paint and seeing how it changes and putting coloured pen marks into salt dough. .

Literacy/ Communication and Language Development; What questions do you have about Reception? Feel free to ask them via the blog.  Share the story a few times as a family. What is in your Worry Bag? Fill in the Worry Bag sheet. What are your Worry Monsters and what can you do to get rid of them.

Mathematics; Counting on and back. Find all the numbers you can see , by taking your Maths-brains on the move! Maths trails take anything in our environment ( in real life or take photos) and use questions to encourage children to consider how mathematics is underneath all that we experience or how we can use the mathematics we have learnt when looking at, or thinking about, what is around us . Have fun! Now do some counting in BIG numbers with this video.

Story time; The Huge Bag Of Worries

Reflection: How did you feel today? This is for you! Shout it out LOUD!!!!.

Also this was a favourite when my daughter was younger!! It is addictive. No Drama-lama song! 

Have a Great week and keep checking the Blog for more updates as we go.

Cheers, Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole