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Activities to enjoy at home

Activities to enjoy at home




Can you see any signs of Spring?

What colours can you see?

You could draw a picture to show the signs of Spring.


What is the weather like in Spring?

Make a weather chart to show what the Spring weather is like.

You could draw a picture of the weather each day and write a sentence to describe the weather. 


What sounds can you hear? 

You could ask a grown-up to help you record the sounds you can hear.


How many different flowers can you find?

Draw a picture of a flower. Remember to draw some petals, a stem and some leaves on your flower.

Can you find out the name of the flower you have drawn?


During Spring, seeds begin to grow. In the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack's beans grow into a magic beanstalk. 

You could act out the story with a grown-up. 

You could plant some seeds and watch them grow! 


During Spring, lots of animals have their babies. 

Can you find out the names of these baby animals? Duck, pig, sheep, cow and horse.

Spring Art Craft