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Activities to enjoy at home

Autumn Term 1

Who was Archimedes? Can you find out how the discoveries of the ancient Greeks influenced modern life?


Autumn 2

Can you make a pair of earmuffs to block out sound?

Practise telling the time! Get your family to ask you at different points in the day.

Spend at least 10 minutes 4 times a week on 'Times tables Rockstars'

Where can you see the influence of Greek architecture - look for those columns!



Spring 1

Investigate why Roman road systems are still in use today - do you drive on any Roman roads?

How many ways can you create a mosaic with everyday items?

Look for and record the different changes you see in your surroundings.

Try and name plants, animals and birds you see around you - look for signs of new growth in your garden..

Can you research foods eaten during Roman Times and have a go at making an authentic dish?


Spring 2

Try using the 8 points of a compass to navigate around your garden and your house.

Where do you use electricity in your home? Do you have a meter where you can watch changes in use? What uses the most, heating the house or cooking your food?

How many different objects in your house use electricity?


Half Term Things to Do:


Have lots of fun with family and friends. Try new experiences and stretch your mind.


However if you find yourself with time to spare and nothing to do why not;


  • Practise TTR and climb the leader board
  • FInd out more about Celts and Romans in our area
  • VIsit your local library - get lost in a great book
  • Look at your spelling folder - can you still remember them all? how many can you spell in a minute?
  • Experiment with states of matter - freezing, melting, boiling (with adult supervision)
  • Write an exciting story, or a scary one, or a mystery, or...
  • Go to BBC Bitesize maths and try some activities (eg, fractions https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zhdwxnb )