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Tread Softly

Stop Thief

Everybody Wants Some

Light Fingers

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This is a horrible place to work

Up the Chimney

Hurry Quick Quick Quick

Please listen to and practise these songs at home.

Autumn Term 1

Who was Archimedes? Can you find out how the discoveries of the ancient Greeks influenced modern life?


Autumn 2

Can you make a pair of earmuffs to block out sound?

Practise telling the time! Get your family to ask you at different points in the day.

Spend at least 10 minutes 4 times a week on 'Times tables Rockstars'

Where can you see the influence of Greek architecture - look for those columns!



Spring 1

Investigate why Roman road systems are still in use today - do you drive on any Roman roads?

How many ways can you create a mosaic with everyday items?

Look for and record the different changes you see in your surroundings.

Try and name plants, animals and birds you see around you - go for a Spring walk.

Can you research foods eaten during Roman Times and have a go at making an authentic dish?


Spring 2

Try using the 8 points of a compass to navigate around your garden or in the park

Where do you use electricity in your home? Do you have a meter where you can watch changes in use? What uses the most, heating the house or cooking your food?