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Activities to enjoy at home

Dear children,

Here are some fun activities you might like to do at home.

Have lots of fun doing these activities and you can bring into school anything you'd like to show or talk about during 'Show and Tell.' 


Autumn 1

* Design your own fire safety poster. (This would've been helpful in 1666!)

* Write a recount (diary entry) about being there when the Great Fire of London happened. 

* Carry out your own number investigation showing everything you know about that number. How many additions and subtractions can you think of that give you that number? Is it odd/even? What is it a multiple of? 


Autumn 2

* Write a non-fiction about the 5th of November

* Design a 'Wanted' poster for Guy Fawkes

* Go on a sightseeing tour around Manchester and locate different landmarks

* Write a sightseeing leaflet about Manchester for someone who has never visited.

* Can you write a time diary for a day? Eg 8 O'clock I had breakfast. 9 Oclock I started school. Half past 4 I read my reading books. 


Spring 1

* Write your own alternative ending to George's Marvellous Medicine

* Create your own eBook on Book Creator (iPad app).

* Create your own performance poetry

* Draw and design in the style of Clarice Cliff or Quentin Blake 


Spring 2

* Create a food chain of your choice.

* Sketch a landscape in the style of LS Lowry.

* Write a set of instructions for an everyday task.

* Practise using the < > and = sign for any numbers or calculations you come across (weight and capacities on the back of food and drink would be a good one!)