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Activities to enjoy at home

Autumn Term

RM Maths- keep practising at home. Can you reach 'Legend' status?

Just So stories- read some alternative stories at home. Is there a Tinga Tale of this story? Compare the two.

Electricity- Investigate eco-friendly sources of electricity. Make a poster promoting them!

Fiction Genres- Keep a log of the books you have read this term and the fiction genres they incorporate.

Practise adding fractions and challenge yourself on:





We have been looking at animal adaptations in Science. Why not log onto Switch Zoo and create your own animal, play animal games and explore biomes?

Evolution- conduct your own research into famous naturalists. What are they known for?

What can you find out about Charles Darwin and his work? Look at the Natural History Museum website for more information.


Log onto the Postergen website to create your own graffiti tags and look at letter styles.


Refer to Mrs Holt's recommendation list. Remember to find out the meaning of any unfamiliar vocabulary and add it to your vocab book at school.



Visit Maths Is Fun or Maths Aids websites to practise your arithmetic skills.