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Activities to enjoy at home


Stop the Fighting

Marian's Lament

Robin of Locksley

I'll Make Them Pay

What a Man

Maid Marian's Ladies

Amen, Amen

Robin , Robin Hood

Are we happy

Out in the Forest

Practise our Christmas production songs at home.

Spring Term 2-


Mountains- Get out in the fresh air and climb a mountain- take some photos to share with the class. Find out about famous mountains- how are mountains formed?

Have a look at an online travel agent- can you find holidays in the Alps? What activities are available?


Science- Create a life cycle wheel for a mammal of your choice. Can you compare two different types of mammals?


Maths- have a go at reading bus, train or tram timetables. Can you understand them?


English- Reading- Read one of the books recommended by your class mates on World Book Day. Eg The Creakers


Spring Term 1


Science - Can you track the phases of the moon?

Do you know a mnemonic to remember the names of the planets in our Solar System?

Visit Jodrell Bank or the Museum of Science and Industry to find out more about the earth in space.

Geography - How many mountains can you name? How many have you climbed?

Remember to keep reading a wide range of fiction and non-fiction as well as practising your timestables.


Autumn Term


Science - investigate the materials that make up your home, your bedroom even just your bed. How many can you find? How are they made?

Try some chemical reactions in the kitchen (supervised). Can you bake a cake? Which reactants did you use?


HistoryCan you find any Anglo-Saxon place names nearby?  Is there a Norman castle you could visit - find out more about who defeated the Anglo-Saxons.