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Activities to enjoy at Home

It is Spring!

Here are 5 Spring Adventures you can have at home:

1. Go on a Minibeast hunt! Be sure to put the rocks and logs back after you look underneath. Cut out this ID Wheel to use.

2. Make a zig-zag book and go hunting for an outdoors A to Z to record in your book ( you may need extra pages)!

3. Thread Leaves and make neckaces or bunting, here are the instructions!

4. Watch a plant grow, by growing a Bean in a zip-loc bag like this.

5. Every nice Spring day needs a picnic- this is a super simple cookie recipe, by Mary Berry.

It is Easter

Here are 5 fun Easter activities to do at home.

1. Egg & Spoon is my favourite game but there are 21 more game ideas here. Enjoy!

2. If you have plastic eggs rolling about then this is a great game for testing your memory ( or use plastic caps or yoghurt pots instead). 

3. Bake traditional Spiced Easter Biscuits and cut them into chicks or bunnies. If you don't have a shape then make a template from card and use a butter knife to cut round the dough.

4. Watch these cheeky Easter Bunnies hiding eggs and see if you can find them, don't forget to practice saying the words at the end!

5. Now make your own Egg Hunt in your garden. There are some great ideas on how to do this here.