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Archived Home Learning



Please find some ideas for home learning below.  These will revise and consolidate key areas of learning this year.


https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/  and also https://whiterosemaths.com/resources/classroom-resources/problems/ These pages have year group targeted resources for Maths



https://www.lovereading4kids.co.uk/ If you haven't already, you could ask a parent to sign up for a free account at Love Reading 4 Kids. Here, you can download extracts for the 'Books of the Month', or check out the 9+ and 11+ fiction/non-fiction choices. There are so many amazing books you can dip into for free!


https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/category/585/HTML5 Fun maths games on all sort of topics... make sure you challenge yourself and don't take the easy option!



Really great resource with topic-focused booklets of SATs style maths questions. Your child could focus on the areas where they feel least confident.



This website requires you to register for a free account, which will give you access to some home learning packs for different year groups. Go into KS2 and then Year 6, where you should find: Maths, GPS and Reading packs.



Update- link is working! This allows free access to Twinkl for a month. All you need to do is follow the link above and enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS. In the search bar of the website, enter 'Year 6'- there will be reading comprehension assessments, maths reasoning practice booklets, arithmetic papers, spelling and grammar activities, home learning packs and lots more besides. Ask your child to focus on the activities they feel least confident with.


Above all, keep reading for pleasure! Be ready to tell us all about the new books you have been reading, when you come to school. Remember to check out the LoveReading4Kids website, which has lots of tasters of new releases for you to try.


We have included details of the next piece of writing we will be doing for English, in the Science section below.



Using the Twinkl membership, you can access materials on adaptation and evolution. Your child can look at a variety of different animals and note down how they are adapted to their environments. This can link to our next piece of writing, which is a non-chronological report on an animal of their choice. They can use the same headings we used for our Neverbelieve animal reports to make notes for use in their writing.


Latest website addition from Mrs Potts https://drchips.weebly.com/  This site has live demonstrations every day at 10.00



After our work on biomes, our Geography work moves on to a study of South America. Children can use any relevant websites to find out a little more about the human and physical features of South America e.g countries making up the continent, mountain ranges and rivers, capital cities etc. Two websites which children may find particularly useful are https://www.ducksters.com/geography/southamerica.php and https://www.kids-world-travel-guide.com/south-america-facts.html. Twinkl also contains resources about South America.


https://www.oddizzi.com/ This is a fantastic Geography website that the teachers at school use, and now you can log in and access all the pupil activities, too! All you need to do is log on with our Year 6 details:

Username: year6gc

Password: class6gc

Then you can use the 'Explore the World' and 'Learning Zone' sections, plus my favourite, the Quiz! To take part in the quiz you'll need to select your name from the drop-down list (let us know if you can't see your name) and choose the area you'd like to focus on. All of the questions are multiple-choice, and you’ll find a different set of questions each time you play. Tip for success: Read Oddizzi’s pages about the quiz topic before you take the test, to boost your score.



Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) will be doing live PE lessons on his YouTube channel everyday at 9am. It looks like a great way to have fun and stay active!

Oti Mabuse is also doing live dance routines for kids on her YouTube channel everyday at 11:30. There is a different theme for the dance each day! 



The children are used to this website- we watch Newsbites regularly and use it for grammar videos and activities. However, there is so much more they can do. Encourage them to use it to explore activities on Adaptations and Evolution, South America, spelling and grammar etc. The children will need to log onto the Espresso website. The details are:


Username: student6832


Password: didsburyroad



https://www.nuffieldhealth.com/kidswellbeing Download an interactive or printable well-being journal to enjoy completing whilst you are at home.



Autumn Term

RM Maths- keep practising at home. Can you reach 'Legend' status?

Just So stories- read some alternative stories at home. Is there a Tinga Tale of this story? Compare the two.

Electricity- Investigate eco-friendly sources of electricity. Make a poster promoting them!

Fiction Genres- Keep a log of the books you have read this term and the fiction genres they incorporate.

Practise adding fractions and challenge yourself on:





We have been looking at animal adaptations in Science. Why not log onto Switch Zoo and create your own animal, play animal games and explore biomes?

Evolution- conduct your own research into famous naturalists. What are they known for?

What can you find out about Charles Darwin and his work? Look at the Natural History Museum website for more information.


Log onto the Postergen website to create your own graffiti tags and look at letter styles.


Refer to Mrs Holt's recommendation list. Remember to find out the meaning of any unfamiliar vocabulary and add it to your vocab book at school.



Visit Maths Is Fun or Maths Aids websites to practise your arithmetic skills.