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Autumm 1 Term


Week Commencing 17th October

This week is DIWALI week. What an amazing time the children are having. They have learnt about the story of Ram and Sita and have experienced how Diwali is celebrated in homes. The Diwali house was opened up this week and the children had a fabulous time dressing up in the indian outfits and making yummy delicious food. They even had bangles and pretty handbags to match their indian outfits. The children also made some beautiful diva lamps with clay, they moulded and shaped them, painted and decorated them and they will be going home this week too. Don't forget to light the diva lamps on Diwali which is Monday 24th October! We have been also busy decorating patterns on hands, designing and decorating rangoli patterns inside and outside the classroom, dancing to indian music, making yummy indian food with steel dishes in the glittery sand, making diwali palaces with the wooden blocks and we even introduced the water area which had beautiful, glittery bubbly water for the children to pour in the watermills! We introduced and explored number 3 this week, the children are excited to learn more about numbers after the half term and continue their learning of Diwali! 



Week Commencing 10th October

This week the children visited the Forest School to see Autumn nature up close. We went all around the school grounds looking for signs of autumn and collecting different items that represent Autumn. They collected some amazing autumnal leaves. We then made a beautiful autumn collage with our findings, you can see these when you come into our cloakroom, they are stunning! We have also been reading the story owl babies, and explored what the word ' hunting' means. We then made our very own version of owl babies, using pastels, coloured feathers and googly eyes...they look so cute. The children have been practising to recognise their name and soon will be practising how to write it... some of them can do it already. We explored all about number 2 and went around the classroom looking at different ways to make 2. We also explored lots of shapes and talked about what do shapes look like and what we can see... we will look more into detail about shapes soon.


Week Commencing 3rd October

This week the children have continued their learning of Autumn in the classroom. The children have been learning how to make an Autumnal Woodland forest using animals, bricks, fabrics, trees and lots of other different media. They showed lots of imaginative play here, their autumn scenes were spectacular. They have been learning how to paint autumn trees with autumn colours and have been practising their rubbing skills to create a patterned leaf. We have also learnt about making repeating patterns such as red, blue, red etc...some children could continue a three colour pattern! Wow! We also learn all about number 1 and the different ways number 1 can be represented, as well as our sorting skills. We also talked about the importance of teamwork from the story Farmer Duck, poor duck had to do all the work himself!


The children wanted to change the playdough area, so instead of making cute hedgehogs, they decided to make some yummy chocolate cakes. We also introduced our 'Finger Frenzy' table, where the children practised threading beads and using tweezers to pick up pom poms... a great activity to strengthen those finger muscles. Mrs Kaur introduced the Nursery 'Well- Being' area, where the children can talk about their well being, show how they are feeling and discussed how we can make our inner selves feel good. We even did some Rainbow Meditation, which the children loved.


We also introduced our School Vision Bee, and have talked about our school values. The children now know what Bumble looks for in children... she liked children who can achieve our school vision values! She decides who she will like to go home with every week. 



Week commencing 26th September

This week the children have been been learning all about hedgehogs, such as what they eat and how they survive during Autumn. The children have had so much fun making lots of adorable playdough hedgehogs with little pink noses. We also opened up our new Autumn house where the children have been learning how to make lovely warm soup. We then created a little Hedgehog Hospital in the house ( it was the children's idea!). The children have been super at taking care of the little poorly hedgehogs.  We have also been introduced to the iPads, and have been exploring Cbeebies app to get us used to navigating around our Nursery iPad.


The children loved our secret sounds activity " Mrs Kaur has a box ee-i-ee-i-o". They have been working hard to identify the different sounds Mrs Kaur has in her box and have been super at identifying the different everyday sounds.  You could make your own box of sounds and see if the children can guess what it is, so far we had keys, rattles, packet of crisps, lego and so much more.  Ms Nolan, our music teacher has also been super pleased at how well the children can identify the different musical instruments. She was super impressed at how well the children can already play to a regular beat! The children have also done some super pattern making ( the first stage of writing). We have been practising our mark making at decorating out hedgehogs. What a busy week of Autumn learning!