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Archived Daily Messages

We will be archiving the daily messages here if you have missed any of them.

Good morning Year 3!


It was a bit of a wet and at times windy weekend, but I hope that you all had some rest and relaxation. Home learning this week is in the Summer Home Learning tab below. Here you will find English (Reading and Writing), Maths and a range of other activities too including History, Art, Science and PSHE.


There is also an Interactive Class (pdf doc) which we hope you will have fun exploring. I don't want to give too much away but open it up and click around the classroom. Some of the items in there have links to educational games, videos and some of our most used links (such as the video centre, blog and class page).


Remember, the blog is always there for you to showcase your work to your teachers and friends and to ask any questions if you need help. 


Have a great week Year 3! Keep working hard and trying your best.


Miss W and Miss W


Good morning Year 3!


I hope you had a lovely weekend. The weather wasn't too bad in the end was it? I managed to get out and about for a walk each day - I really do feel so much brighter when I get some fresh air and stretch the legs. 


Thank you to everyone who wrote an abstract noun poem and shared their favourite line. We've put all the lines together and think the joint year group poem is ace! I will put it up under this message for you to have a read and I will also try and get it on the blog.


This week’s home learning is now available in the Home Learning Summer Term tab below this message. I've put up a selection of lessons and here is a sneaky snap shot of what you will find:


In English there are both Writing and Reading activities with a theme around Diaries. In Science we will continue looking at plants, and for History and Geography you will journey back in time to Ancient Egypt. For Maths you will find 2 options for lessons which you can choose between - one is fraction based work and the other is additional lessons on angles and lines. Have a think about what you need to work on and you could always mix it up throughout the week.


In the video centre you will find a video from Miss Whitehead which is super interesting and it links to our Science lessons this week and next so please have a look. You will also find one from myself which is for the 1st reading lesson this week. Both the links to these videos are also available in the plans for Science and Reading.


There will now only be a weekly message here on a Monday, but we will both be available for you to contact on the blog so please do keep the messages and photos of your work coming. Miss Whitehead will be in school full time as more year groups have returned this week so please be patient if you message her during the day. I am here to support you in anyway I can so feel free to drop me a message if you need to. Remember you can comment on each other’s posts if you see some work they've done which you think is pretty cool. This is a great way to stay in touch with your classmates and to say something positive to a friend which is always a nice thing to do.


Additional learning you may be interested in:


Geography - Week 10 Oddizzi challenge is available on the Humanities page.

Art - June Challenge continues


Have a great week everybody, we are really proud of you and miss you all!

Miss Winterbottom


Friday 19th June


Good morning Year 3,


It's Friday again which means you have almost completed another week of home learning. Well done to you all! Give yourself a pat on the back, you have done so well!


You have been uploading your amazing, abstract, noun poems onto the blog (that was a mouthful!) -  very impressive work year 3. Make sure you have a read of each others. Also a little reminder to let us know your favourite line so we can make a year group poem. 


This week is refugee week: 'the UK’s largest festival celebrating the contribution of refugees and promoting understanding of why people seek sanctuary' . Take a look at the Refugee Website HERE to learn more. Look HERE and on the PSHE page to find the link to an activity booklet for children with lots of suggested ideas you can complete at home.


Remember to check out the BBC Bitesize lesson for Reading. You can either do last weeks which uses Michael Morpurgo's book Kenzuke's Kingdom or today's which uses David Walliams book Slime. Both fantastic books!


Have a super weekend and see you on Monday.


Miss W and Miss W


Thursday 18th June


Good morning everybody,


Football returned to our screens our last night and I’m sure some of you were very excited about this. Man City fans will be feeling particularly happy this morning….


I was up early this morning and was thinking about the return of football and how this, like school starting to open up, hopefully signals a gradual return to life as we know it. These are important dates to us and I wonder if they’ll be remembered in history. So I got to thinking about what had previously happened on this day in history and here’s what I found out:


On June 18th …

1815   Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo.

1928   Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly in an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean

1940   Winston Churchill gives his famous Finest Hour speech.

1983   Sally Ride is the first American woman in outer space


In other news, Scientists think a fossil (around the size of a football) which was discovered in Antarctica around a decade ago, is thought to have belonged to a giant sea reptile that lived around 68 million years ago!


It’s great to see so many of you using the blog and we are very impressed with the work we have seen so many of you doing at home.  Well done everybody – we’re very proud of you all.


Have a super Thursday,

Miss W and Miss W


Wednesday 17th June


Morning Year 3, 


Wow, did you hear the storms yesterday? They were fantastic. I loved seeing the lightning light up the sky - very dramatic! I wonder what today has is in store for us...


Additional to the work we set on Monday if you would like some other ideas here are some suggestions:

Geography - Oddizzi week 10 challenge is on the Humanities page, the KS2 activities are all based around the country Greece.

Art - the June art challenges can be found on the Art page, maybe give a 'zentangle' a go or do some doodling.

Computing - fancy making a racing game? check out the coding activity added to the computing page (there is a PC and tablet version.)


Have a super day,

Miss W and Miss W






Tuesday 16th June


Hello Year 3!


Thank you for all the blog posts we received yesterday, it really is lovely to hear from you and see glimpses of what you are doing. Keep them coming   


Fancy a virtual trip to Australia? We have put up a document in the Humanities page with some home learning activities all with an Australian theme. I personally love having a go at some aboriginal inspired art work using dots, circles and lines.


If you haven't see them already, Mrs Collins has posted some photos on the blog of what school looks like now as we get ready to welcome you back. This will give you an idea of what your classroom and the other areas of school may look like on your return to school. You will notice that desks are 2 metres apart (and you get your very own one!) and there are arrows and markers on the ground to help everyone maintain social distance and navigate their way around school safely. You may have a mixed feelings about returning to school but please know this is normal and that when the time comes teachers will be there to talk to you and answer any questions you have. 


Today is also the Great Science Share Day so if you have registered there are lots of fun activities and learning going on, check out the website HERE and get involved. 


Missing you all, 


Have a great day,

Miss W and Miss W


Monday 15th June


Morning Year 3,


We hope you had a lovely weekend whatever you did. The sun came out for some time and it was rather hot when the clouds disappeared, let's hope it continues for the week. 


Home learning is going to look a little different this week as we are trying out a new way of sharing the weeks work with you. There is now a tab called Summer Term Home Learning which you will find underneath this message (next to the original subject page tabs). We will be putting the plans and resources for the whole week in there.  We hope having everything for the week in one place will make it more convenient for you than going to the individual subject pages.


Another change we are implementing is instead of doing a weeks worth of a foundation subject (i.e. a block of Science or a block of History) we are going to give you ideas for a mixture of subjects. There is 1 document called Foundation activities and on that you will find all the instructions for the weeks activities. This week you will find activities for French, Science and Art. We hope you will enjoy the variety this gives you.


Alongside the Foundation work we will continue to plan a weeks worth of English lessons and provide you with links to suggested Maths lessons. These can both be found in the Summer Term Home Learning tab.


We look forward to seeing your work on the blog and as the message at the top of the page says - we now know how to respond directly to you. 


Have a great day,

Miss W and Miss W


Friday 12th June


Hey Year 3,


Wow Friday already! Time has flown by. I hope you have all managed to get yourself back into a routine. Remember, if you need any help or support, you can always contact us. The blog is a great way for us to have that two-way conversation so please drop us a message about what you have been doing, reply to a friend or ask us a question. We would love it if we have seen a post from all of you by the end of next week.


Talking about next week, the football is expected to resume, which I bet a lot of you are excited about. I know I am! The first premier league fixtures are next Wednesday (17th) but the main event, Birmingham City’s first match back, is on Saturday 20th. I know that match is what most of you will be interested in anyway. If you have missed football, BBC Bitesize are doing a maths lesson all about handling data related to football. It does cover concepts we have done in class before but it would be great to do as revision, especially if you want a football fix. Click HERE. You also have the option of the work on parallel and perpendicular lines which we hope you have been enjoying.


Well, have a wonderful Friday Year 3 and we will catch up with you next week.

Missing you,

Miss W and Miss W


Thursday 11th June


Good morning Year 3,


Yesterday was a bit drizzly outside wasn’t it? Did you still get some daily exercise in? I confess I stayed indoors, but I did do an online exercise class and felt good for it. Remember there are links to videos and activity ideas on the PE page if you need some inspiration for what exercise you could do.


As you continue to use the internet to aid your online learning, it is increasingly more important to know how to do so safely. We have been sent some activities from Think u Know which we have shared with you on our computing page and you can also access the website HERE.


Did you try one of the June art challenges? Complete a thesaurus activity? Maybe you learnt about different lines in Maths or completed a challenge on Oddizzi? Remember to share what you have been up to on the Blog. We love hearing from you and it's a great way to see what your friends have been doing - send a photo or write a message. Check out the Art, English, Maths and Humanities page for this weeks home learning ideas. 


Have a fab day everybody, we miss you!

Miss W and Miss W


Wednesday 10th June


Good morning everyone and welcome back!


We hope you have had a lovely half term break and that you are feeling rested and relaxed. The weather has taken a slight turn from the warm and sunny days we were getting used to but maybe you are enjoying the cooler days and nights?


We are very excited to be back online and to get started with a new term and we hope you are too. We have a few suggestions below for what you could do over the next few days to get your brains warmed up and to get back into your home learning routine….


English - we have updated the English page with a link to BBC Bitesize. The lessons for the next 3 days focus on: using a thesaurus, antonyms and synonyms and a reading lesson on Friday.

Maths  - please check out the Maths page for links to this week’s lessons which focus on perpendicular and parallel lines (don’t let these funny sounding words put you off, this is a nice topic!)

Art – check out the Art & DT page for the June Art challenge.

Geography – Week 8 and 9 Oddizzi challenges are now available on the Humanities page. Week 9 may look familiar as it is the same theme as Week 3 but it has updated activities for you to do.


The Blog is active so please continue to contact us and share what you are doing via that. We love hearing from you!


Have a great day,

Miss W and Miss W


Friday 22nd May


Good morning everyone!


Another week of home learning comes to an end today and can you believe it’s also the last day of Summer Term 1? We’re heading into the half term holidays so that means this will be our last message for a while, but we will be back here and on the blog after the holidays, eager to touch base with you.


Have you read anything good recently? Would you recommend it to your friends? Reading is incredibly important and something I personally love to do in my spare time. Now before I choose a book to read I often look at the reviews. This is where I get other peoples opinions about the book and I can see how many stars they have given it. Reviews don't give the ending away or spoil any surprises about the story, they just say what was good or not so good (in their opinion) and I find this really useful before buying a book. The holidays are a perfect time to get some more reading done so we have uploaded a selection of book review templates on the English page under the Reading tab. It can be fiction or non-fiction, book or magazine, if you read it you can review it. Why not post it on the blog for others to see as this is a great way for your friends to get ideas and recommendations for what book to read next.


Carrying on the reading theme, BBC Bitesize has put up their weekly Reading lesson. A great way to practise your comprehension skills – you can access it HERE.


Now Year 3 did you know that there is a star amongst us? I received this very exciting message from Miss Whitehead to share with you all:


Miss Whitehead is famous!

Hey Year 3, you might not be able to see me in the classroom at the moment but you can see me on television instead! I was walking through the park when a a camera crew must have recognised that I was a star in the making and asked me a few questions about going on holiday. Have a look at the video - you may even see me a few times! I hope it makes you smile! 


It definitely made me smile and you can access the video underneath this message.


Ok Year 3 that's quite a lot from us this morning! I'm sure you are ready to get on with your day. Take the time over the next couple of weeks to play, relax, rest up and enjoy the time with your family. The website will be here if you wish to access any resources and we look forward to being back with you for another term shortly.


Keep smiling and look after each other,

Miss W and Miss W


Thursday 21st May


Good morning Year 3


How beautiful was the weather yesterday?! and it was the hottest day of the year so far. Wow! This is not like a normal UK spring. Did you spend some time outdoors? I slathered the sun cream on and headed out for a lovely afternoon walk to the park.


Today is Thursday, a day now known around the country as a day we show our appreciation for the front line workers and clap on our doorsteps at 8pm. Showing appreciation for those that care for us, or for anyone who does something to help you is a lovely thing to do. Maybe you have someone you’d like to show appreciation for? Can you think of way to do this? Maybe you could make them a thank you card,  write them a thank you note, help with some extra chores around the house or maybe just say a big thank you and give them a hug (if they’re in your household).


BBC Bitesize have added a Computing lesson today called ‘How do the internet and search engines work?’ You may have been using a device a little more since home learning began. Understanding more about how the internet works and how  to search the internet safely is a good skill to have. You can check out this lesson HERE but please make sure you have permission to use a device and to access the internet.


Enjoy your day!

Miss W and Miss W


Wednesday 20th May


Good morning Year 3


Well the sun is back this morning! Yippee! I've just seen the weather forecast and we're in for a scorcher today, maybe the hottest day this year in some parts of the country - let's see! 


Thank you again for your blog posts, it’s lovely to hear from you and to see what work you are most proud of. Keep it up, we're really proud of you!


Let's talk PE.... as you know it is really important to keep fit and active. I know I am having to make a really big effort to get up and keep moving throughout the day. Walking up and down the corridors at school were part of my daily exercise and without that I can find myself sitting at the computer for long periods of time. Youth Sport Trust have made some exciting resources available to you which we hope will inspire you to be creative in your exercising. You can access it HERE and we have also added it to the P.E page. It has some fun 60 second challenges for you to have a go at as well as some home learning P.E. ideas. Good luck!


Just a reminder for those Oddizzi fans out there. There is another weekly challenge from them and this week it’s all about Places, so please check out the Humanities page if you’d like to a have a go at this.


Have a great day!

Miss W and Miss W


Tuesday 19th May


Hey Year 3,


Woke up to a bit of rain this morning (which is good because I forgot to water my plants last night!) I have been working hard on planting up my front garden and two neighbours have been very kind and said it is looking very nice. It wasn’t too difficult to make it look better as it was a bit bare but the compliments really made me smile. Who are you going to compliment today?


I know a few of you really enjoyed the work about India last week, so we have added a document to the Geography (humanities) page so you can travel to Spain! I was meant to be going to Japan on Saturday so I am planning on bringing Japan to me this weekend! If you want to join me, I have also added ideas relating to Japan. Have fun with it and let us know on the blog where in the world you travelled to.


Talking about the blog, well done if you were able to make a post, they were great and lovely to see. Your friends will also be able to look at your work too. I have put a message about posting something you are really proud of as otherwise the blog will become a bit difficult to read as it only allows you to upload one picture per post.


Remember yesterday we uploaded English, D.T. and Art under the English tab and Maths is following the Oak Academy lessons on angles. Have fun with it and try your best.


Enjoy your day Year 3

Miss W and Miss W


Monday 18th May


Hi all!


We hope you had a great weekend and you are ready for a final week of learning before the holidays. Firstly, a big thank you to all that emailed in work over the last week. We read some fantastic fairy tales you had written, saw some delicious balanced meals you had created (I was very jealous!), some of you even managed a trip to India and we loved seeing pictures of the work and fun you have been getting up to. Also, I woke up to a very exciting email to say that our blog is live! The blog will hopefully make communication between us and you easier. If you have not yet received a log in, please contact school. To access the blog you need to click on pupils - home learning - class blogs. We look forward to hearing from you!


As it is Monday we have uploaded some new activities for you. For Maths, we are going to follow Oak Academy this week. The White Rose activities were very similar to what you have already completed and a bit too easy! We have set the lessons based on angles (something we haven’t done). It starts with a quiz about fractions to test your knowledge about a previous topic so have a go and see how much you can remember. There are also activities to do in each lesson – you may need to do them on paper.


For English, we have chosen to combine English, D.T. and Art this week. You will be writing instructions about how to make a fruit salad (and then eating the fruit salad!) To make it easier to follow, we have uploaded all activities under the English tab.


We hope you enjoy these activities and have a wonderful week. Keep up the good work everyone!


Miss W and Miss W


Friday 15th May


Good morning and happy Friyay everyone!


Wow you’ve done another week of home learning – well done! Give a big thank you to any parents, siblings and adults who have helped you and don’t forget to thank yourself!


Did you see the school video the staff at DRPS have made? We hope it brightened up your day a little, I know it did me when I saw the finished video and I’ve got to admit it was lots of fun to make. If you haven’t seen it yet you can find it on the school website under the tab: Pupils -->Home learning --> Video centre


Have you read the story Charlie Changes into a Chicken by Sam Copeland? BBC Bitesize have put up a reading lesson today based on this book. You don’t need to have read the book to complete the activities as they have video extracts and written extracts from the book with questions based on these excerpts. 


Looking ahead to next week we are planning some fun activities for home learning. One of the activities we have in mind will involve the option to make a fruit salad. If you think this is something you’d like to have a go at then with your adult’s permission you may want to add a selection of your favourite fruits to the shopping list in preparation for this.


The Friday White Rose challenge looks great – be sure to check it out. Problems 1-4 are most suitable for Year 3 but why not get the whole family involved and have a go at the others too like it suggests! We're also really pleased to say that DRPS have subscribed to receive the White Rose worksheets meaning from next week we will be able to provide these to support the Maths video lessons.


Wishing you a lovely weekend, see you back here on Monday.

Miss W and Miss W


Thursday 14th May


Good Morning!


Thank you to everyone who has emailed in work for us to look at this week - it really is great to see the wonderful work you are producing at home. You should be so proud of yourselves - well done!


Attention all singers - today we have a message from Mrs Norbury about the Dippy's Explorer Singing challenge:

Dippy’s Explorers!

The annual GM Music Hub Primary Schools’ Singing Challenge is fast approaching next week (Tuesday 19th May at 2:15pm), are you taking part? If you send a video of your child singing to Stockport Music Service, they will receive a certificate. See details in flier below. Another lovely song more suited to years 1, 2, 3 and 4 has also been added to Stockport Music Services You tube page called Together We’re a Rainbow, written by Anne Rees. Access the song using the link HERE.



if you are getting a little bit of cabin fever and want to explore the world from the comfort of your own home we have been sent these lovely ideas which all link to the country India. (You can find this document in full size on the Geography page.)



Don't forget to do something active, get out and about in the fresh air and have a wonderful day.

Miss W and Miss W


Wednesday 13th May


Good Morning!


Wow it's Wednesday and we are half way through the week already, where does the time go!? How are you feeling today? It's perfectly normal to not always feel positive and motivated. Do you have something you do to lift your spirits if you aren't feeling yourself? Maybe you play your favourite song, or do a dance around your room? I like to either get outdoors for some fresh air or write down anything that's in my head - even if it is sounds like nonsense!  We are really proud of you all and you ARE doing great.


Have you seen the below challenges 'Meaningful May' and 'Ramadan Kindness'? They can be found on our P.S.H.E and R.E pages and they give daily ideas for the month of May for small positive, kind or thoughtful acts you can do. You could do today's or look back at one of the previous days to see if there's one you like the look of.

Spread some joy, share a smile and have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

Miss W and Miss W



Tuesday 12th May


Good Morning Year 3!


Firstly a quick note about Maths if you didn't see the amended message yesterday. Our apologies for not realising that White Rose has now stopped providing accompanying worksheets to use alongside their daily video lessons. We're really sorry we hadn't picked up on this sooner and for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Today you will see optional worksheets on the Maths page which you can use if you'd like to for consolidation of the key concepts explored in the lessons.


In other news we have a message about the Great Science Share which you may like to get involved with. Here is a message from Mrs Potts:


You may remember last year we took part in the Great Science Share, a national (now global) campaign to get children talking about science, generating scientific questions and sharing science with family members and the wider community. The GSS 2020 was launched last week and I encourage as many of you as possible to visit the website, register your interest and take part in as many activities as possible. Each week will be a new theme: last week was ‘Dawn Chorus’ and this week will be celebrating 200 years of the Royal Astronomical Society. Along with each theme will be an ‘inspirational idea’ for children to get involved with, a live lesson on Wednesday with Dr Chips, opportunities to ask real scientists questions and lots of resources linked to activities you can get involved in at home.


We will keep sharing information with you about this over the next few weeks as it all leads up to the final campaign day on 16th June….but for now, please register and start to get involved! You can find the link HERE.


If you fancy some Geography we are continuing to update the Humanities page with the weekly Oddizzi challenges so please check them out.


Have a great Tuesday everyone and keep on smiling,

Miss W and Miss W


Monday 11th May


Good Morning everyone!


We hope you had a great (albeit slightly-different-to-normal) bank holiday weekend. Did you have a VE day celebration? Has the BBQ come out yet with all the lovely weather we've been having? 


Well, here we go with another week of home learning  so let's have a look at some suggested topics you could learn about this week....


Maths- this week the focus is on multiplication and division! we have provided links to the White Rose Maths lessons on the Maths page.

English - on the English page you will find the final skills lessons for Fairy Tale writing, building up to writing your own stories which we can't wait to read.

And..... Science - it's all about Food and Nutrition, again we've chosen another topic we would have been looking at in school this term. 


Remember to try and fit some physical activity in today, get your blood pumping around your body and you will find it easier to concentrate on whatever you embark on today.


Have a super day!

Miss W and Miss W


Wednesday 6th May


Hey Year 3!


Wow! Half way through the week, it’s flown by! You will be very proud Year 3, I made some brownies on Monday and I still have some left!! Every time I go into the kitchen I have to resist eating them, but so far so good. I wonder how many of your parents have said, “No, you can’t have ANOTHER snack!”


Enough about food, it is making me hungry. For all of you Harry Potter fans, you may have heard that Daniel Radcliffe (he plays Harry Potter in the films) had read the first chapter of the Philosopher’s Stone for you to listen to! You can listen to it HERE. How exciting! Reading is so important to keep up with whilst you are at home and listening to audio recordings is one great way. Also, to keep up with your reading comprehension, we have added a pack provided by the Literacy Shed in the English folder. There is a range of texts so either work your way through it or choose the texts which interest you.


Finally, with your brain working so hard, it’s important to give yourself a break and move that body of yours. HERE is a website that has 10 minute ‘shake up’ ideas that can completed inside – the perfect brain break!


Have a superb day Year 3, you are doing a brilliant job.


Miss Whitehead and Miss Winterbottom


Tuesday 5th May


Good morning all


We hope you had a great day yesterday and that today is even better! Thank you to all of you that have emailed us with photos and updates about how you have been getting on. You may have seen the message from Mrs Collins last week. A blog is currently being set up to make it easier for you to message us and it also means we can reply to you! You should receive a log in over the next week or so and you can then post about all the great things you have been doing (and see what your friends are up to!). We will still post a daily message on here but the blog will allow us to have more of a two-way conversation.


Yesterday we updated the English, Maths and History (humanities) pages and we hope you are enjoying the activities. We also mentioned Mrs Johnson’s Art Challenge last week, head over to the art page to take a look. Remember, do what you can do and don’t worry if you can’t fit everything in. You might have a slightly different routine that works for you. As long as you are trying your best, we are happy!


Have a fab day Year 3! Try to do something active, something that makes you smile and something for someone else.


Miss W and Miss W


Monday 4th May


Hey Year 3!


Happy Monday! How are you? We hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready to get stuck into this week.


We have uploaded some great activities for you to look at. We have updated the Maths and English pages as usual and have also uploaded activities around what we would have been doing in … History! The activities are all based around the earliest civilisations and can be found under the ‘humanities’ tab.


For Maths, as well as the White Rose lessons, I have also stolen an idea from John in 3W and added a X Table speed challenge link to the maths page. You can choose which x tables to test yourself on (we learn the 3x, 4x and 8x in Year 3) and see how fast you can do it. You might also want to also select the Year 2 x tables (1,2, 5 and 10) and may even challenge yourself with others. We suggest you pick a day each week to complete the challenge and see if you can improve your speed.


Finally, for any of you that enjoy singing, please see the ‘Dippy the Dinosaur’ message from Mrs Norbury in the ‘Lastest News’ area.


Have a wonderful day Year 3, filled with learning, kindness and smiles.


Miss Whitehead and Miss Winterbottom


Friday 1st May

Good morning Year 3!


It’s Friday and we want to thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put in this week. Sometimes it can be difficult and you may have had days where it has been tricky to concentrate. Try to focus on today and making today the best day it can possibly be. Remember the kindness challenge that was set on Tuesday? We wonder what you have all been doing to be kind to those around you. Try to make this day a very Friendly Friday.


As it is the start of a new month, Mrs Johnson has a May Art Challenge for you all. We have added it to the Art tab. BBC Bitesize also looks like it has a few exciting lessons today. English is a reading lesson, so that would be good to have a look at. Also, there is a music lesson and I bet lots of you are missing this part of the curriculum. Click HERE to access the lessons.


We hope you have a wonderful day at home Year 3. Do your best and enjoy the rest you get this weekend. We miss you and are so proud of every one of you. Keep it up and keep smiling!


Miss Winterbottom and Miss Whitehead


Thursday 30th April


Hello Year 3!


Wow, it’s the last day of April, this month has flown by! I’ve been thinking of how to name this day and I’ve decided on Tasty Thursday because of all the lovely cooking and baking some of you have been doing. Us teachers will never have to cook again as you’ll be bringing us in goodies every day! We can’t wait! Talking of tasty things, have a look at my sourdough starter below. I know it doesn’t look tasty at the moment but I’m hoping it will turn into a delicious loaf of bread. I have to feed it every day with water and flour for a while, then it should be ready to use in baking. We will have to see…


Spend some time today focussing on something you enjoy. It could be cooking, baking, exercise, reading, drawing, building, singing or dancing. It is always good to have some ‘you’ time especially if you have been working hard or are not feeling on top form.


Happy Thursday Year 3, be kind to yourself and others and have a fun day! We miss you.


Miss Whitehead and Miss Winterbottom



Wednesday 29th April


Bonjour Year 3!


How are you all? We updated the French page on Monday, we know some of you have been impressing your parents with how quickly you are learning French, well done! Head over to the French tab if you haven’t had a look already.


We also know that lots of you are keeping up with your reading at home. It can be tricky to get access to new books so I’ve added a few links that will hopefully make it easier. You might need your parent’s help. Amazon is currently offering a 30 day free trial for a wide range of children’s audio books so I have added the link HERE. You need to download the Audible App on a smart phone/device. Another option is Oxford Owl which has lots of e-books on their website. You can also look at the different age ranges to find a book that is right for you. The link is HERE.


Well Year 3, we hope that you all have a Wonderful Wednesday. Keep up your hard work as you are all doing a brilliant job. We have been so impressed with your creativity and range of activities you are doing at home. We love seeing photos of you smiling and having fun.


Miss W and Miss W


Tuesday 28th April


Good morning all!


I hope you all had a Magical Monday and are gearing up towards having a Terrific Tuesday. I have a challenge for you this week. Over the Easter holidays I was left a little present on my doorstep (see pictures below). I have no idea who left it there but it really made me smile and I certainly enjoyed eating it. So your challenge this week is to do something kind for someone else. Not because you want recognition for it, but because it is a nice thing to do. It could include setting the table for dinner without being asked, doing a job around the house to surprise your parents, drawing/making something for your sibling so they smile or writing a thank you card to someone who has being helping you out over the last few weeks. I’m sure you can think of something and it will mean there are a lot of people smiling in Stockport!


Yesterday we updated the Maths, English and French section of the website so you can continue cracking on with those. We have heard about a lot of children who are continuing to work on their X table challenges and have even moved up X table club! Well done if that is you! Remember to keep practising.


Mrs Clapperton sent a link to us yesterday with some great PE activities and challenges – it’s called PE Passport. You do not need to sign in, click HERE for the link and we have also added it to the PE page. I wonder if anyone can beat us at the push up challenge? We’re stronger than we look!


Have a terrific day year 3, do your best and get going with those push ups!


Miss W and Miss W


Monday 27th April


Hello Year 3! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I managed to squeeze in a final BBQ before the sun hides for a little while L.


As it is Monday we have updated the Maths and English pages with some ideas for you to get stuck into this week. Maths will be continuing with fractions using White Rose and English is a few more activities about fairy tales. The end goal over the next few weeks for English is to be able to write your own version of a fairy tale! We can’t wait to read them!


We have also updated another subject this week which is … French! Head over to the French tab where you will find lots of resources all to do with learning how to say and write different colours in French. What French can you remember from the start of Year 3? Can you teach your parents the different greetings, numbers and days of the week we learnt how to say?


Also, if you wanted to recap any work we did based on the Stone Age to Iron Age, today BBC Bitesize are doing a lesson all about this topic. Click HERE to access the page.


Finally, a big thank you to all that have emailed to let us know how you are getting on and show us the brilliant work you have been doing, they are lovely to read and it really brightens our day.


Have a wonderful day and remember, you are all doing your best and we are so proud of you.


Miss W and Miss W


Friday 24th April

Good morning Year 3 and Ramadan Mubarak!


Wow it's Friday! Another week of home learning nearly done - well done everybody! Give your grown-ups a big hug and a thank you for all they are doing to help and support you. Give yourself a big pat on the back for what you have achieved this week. You are doing really well  . If you have found the week challenging in any way take a big breath in and a big breath out and let it go. It's all a learning curve and there will be ups and downs.


Maybe write down a few things you are enjoying about staying at home / home learning - no matter how small they seem. Maybe you get to sleep in a little later? stay in your pj's a little longer? maybe you are enjoying spending more time with your brothers, sisters or parents? A few things I'm enjoying and I'm grateful for are; being able to go for short walks in the sunshine (I don't have a garden), video calling my family on zoom every Tuesday and Sunday, taking the time over some baking and cooking (I'm a big fan of eating!) and going to bed a little later at night. 


Today we have a message from Miss James about Forest School. The Forest School page is being updated (look under Pupils on the school's home page) and at the bottom there is a link to a home learning page. This is a space for any work you have done which links to being out and about in nature. This could be a poem, some writing, a photo of something you saw on a walk or a drawing of your explorations. If you have something you'd like to share please send FAO Miss James to the admin email address.


Please remember as we head into the weekend that you can only do so much. Just try your best with whatever you are doing and be patient with yourself and those around you if you find something hard. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend and we'll be here on Monday.


Miss W and Miss W


Thursday 23rd April


Good morning Year 3!


It's Thursday already - time really seems to fly sometimes. Thank you from both of us to children and parents who get in touch and let us know what they are doing with their days and updating us on the work they have done. It really is lovely to hear from you and on this note we are hoping to have a way for you to communicate with us more easily (and us with you) via a Blog. More news on this shortly as it is still in progress but watch this space as it is coming soon!


Today we'd like to point you towards the PSHE page. We put up some activities and talking points before the Easter holidays about Rights and Responsibilities (the topic we were going to do in Spring 2 term). You could also have a look at The Linking Network website, which has more general PSHE resources and lots of talking points and activities linked to the current lockdown / social distancing situation we find ourselves in. 


Remember to check out the English, Maths and Science pages to see this weeks set work.


Happy Thursday everyone 

Miss W and Miss W 


Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning Year 3!


Happy Wednesday everybody and it's another beautiful morning to wake up to! Will you go for a walk today? a bike ride? play in the garden? if you can, be sure to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine.


Speaking of the weather, we have updated the Humanities page with Oddizzi's latest weekly challenge which is about the weather and climate, so if you have time why not check it out. A big well done to all those children who have had a go at some of the quizzes on Oddizzi and are now on the class leader boards.


Reading Eggs are offering parents/children a 30 day free trial of their software. I have used this reading programme as an independent reading tool with a number of children over the years (suitable for ages 2-13) and they have always loved it. Parents, if you do sign up for it, when you first log in your child will be offered an initial placement test and by doing this it will ensure that they are set on the level appropriate for them.


Have a great day however you spend it,

Miss W and Miss W 


Tuesday 21st April


Good morning Year 3!


What another beautiful day to to wake up to! We hope you enjoyed your first day of Summer Term home learning and are so curious to know what you got up to with your day? Did you try the White Rose fraction work? read Hansel and Gretel for English? or maybe you conducted a friction experiment in Science?


Just to recap that this term we will be posting work on the Monday intended for you to look at over the course of the week. This will be for English, Maths and a Topic subject (this week it is Science) - this work can be found under the subject heading on this page. We don't want to overload you with work but we also want to ensure that you have plenty of ideas to interest and engage you. With this in mind we will use these daily messages to point you in the direction of 1 or 2 additional learning ideas that you may want to give a go if you have time over the week.


You may have heard that BBC Bitesize have started posting 'Daily Lessons'. They are breaking these down into year groups and are adding a weeks worth of lessons for Maths, English and then a different Topic subject each day. You could pick activities to use as revision or have a go at something new. Here is the LINK. 


Right it's nearly time for Joe Wicks, wish me luck! smiley


Miss Winterbottom and Miss Whitehead 


Monday 20th April


Good morning Year 3 and welcome back from the Easter holidays!


We hope you had a lovely break with your family and managed to get out in the lovely Spring sunshine which we have been so lucky to have. You might even have had a piece of chocolate or two - I know I did!


Today we are getting back into the swing of some home learning which we are very excited about. We have some great ideas for you to do at home which tie in with what we would be doing if we were at school this week. 


Learning Maths and English each week is particularly important, so each week we will post lesson suggestions for these subjects. Alongside this we will also give you suggestions for a 3rd subject. This week that will be Science! If you head to each of these subject pages you will see the plans and supporting documents you will need. In Maths we are continuing to learn about Fractions, in English we are looking at Fairy Tales and in Science we are finishing off Forces and Magnetism with some fantastic home experiments. We hope you enjoy this home learning and we look forward to hearing how you get on.


Having a structure to your day and getting into a routine is really important so take this week to find your groove and try your best with the activities you complete. Remember to keep active, get some fresh air when you can, grab a book to read and above all keep on smiling. We're thinking of you all and know you will do great this week!


Miss Winterbottom and Miss Whitehead 


Friday 3rd April


Good morning everyone!


Wow this week seems to have flown by! We hope you have had a good week of home learning. Remember to take the time to thank those around you for all they do and to give yourself a big well done for trying your best.


The Easter holidays are upon us and over this time we won't be posting daily messages or uploading any new tasks. We will be back after the holidays with weekly ideas for Maths, English and Topic as well as other fun things to help you learn as we head into the Summer term.


Please take the holidays to relax, unwind and spend time with your loved ones. Why not read, do a jigsaw, play some games, help with the cooking, do some baking, get your arts and craft hat on, play in the garden, keep active, write a story.  We will be doing lots of these things and look forward to hearing about what you have done.


The class pages will still be here should you wish to use them for ideas over the holidays. The Art challenge continues and there are tasks on the Geography page for Oddizzi should you want to have a go.


A big thank you from us to you for all your hard work. 

Take care of each other and 'see' you in 2 weeks time.

Miss W and Miss W 


Thursday 2nd April


Good morning everyone!


We hope you are enjoying April's art challenge. Remember this is ongoing throughout the whole month and each day there is a new task, so have a look at what today's challenge is on the Art page. 


Any Harry Potter fans out there? If so there is now a Harry Potter at Home website and the 1st book is available as a free audiobook and there are other activities too.  Here is the link but please ask a grown up for permission first.


Your daily challenge today is a STEM challenge (can you remember what STEM stands for?) We've been recommended a great website where each day at 10am there is a live video giving you a new idea for Science /Technology / Engineering and Maths based projects, but if you can't access it at 10am you can watch the videos at a later stage. There are some fun, innovative ideas on this site with projects to get stuck into when you have time. Access the site here or from our Science / Useful Websites page.


Keep smiling, you are doing so well!

Miss W and Miss W 



Wednesday 1st April


Good Morning Year 3 and Happy April Fool's day!


It's great to see some of you have logged into Oddizzi and given some of the quizzes a go. If you haven't been on the website yet, login and have an explore. Details on how to do this are on the Humanities page under the Useful Website tab.


Your daily challenge today is an Art challenge set by Mrs Johnson and looks like lots of fun. There is a task for each day of the month, visit the Arts page to find out what you need to do and get creative!


Happy learning everyone!

Miss Winterbottom and Miss Whitehead 



Tuesday 31st March


Good morning Year 3!


We hope you had a good Monday and are back into the swing of home learning.

For today's challenge we'd like you to login to Oddizzi, our online Geography learning platform and have an explore of this website. Please go to the Humanities page - useful websites link to find out more.


Are you reading every day? What books have you read? Why not keep a reading log or write a book review.


How about giving the Times Table challenge a go? Set a timer for 5 minutes and see how many you can complete in that time. Don't worry if you don't have the sheet we used in class, you can just start at the 1x table and work your way up in order.


Keep up the great work year 3 - you are doing so well!

Miss Winterbottom and Miss Whitehead 



Monday 30th March


Good morning Year 3!


We hope you had a good weekend whatever you chose to do. The sun might be hiding this morning but it's still important to get some fresh air today. The clocks went forward yesterday and Spring is definitely on it's way - see what signs of this you can spot in the garden.


Challenge of the day: have you had a go at writing a shape poem? Or a calligram? If you haven't, why not have a go today? It could be about anything you like - your favourite sport, food, place, book, a feeling.... anything! Just make sure the shape reflects what the poem is about. Look at the English page for tips and ideas.


Don't forget to do something active today - have a look at the P.E. page for ideas or join in at 9am with Joe Wicks and millions of other people!


Happy Monday 

Miss Whitehead and Miss Winterbottom


Friday 27th March


Good morning Year 3!


Thank you for sending in the pictures of your Andy Goldsworthy inspired Art work yesterday - wow what amazing sculptors you are and it was so lovely to see your smiling faces too! Photos can be viewed on the Art page under the 'photos' tab so please have a look.

Did you clap last night in support and appreciation of the NHS workers? It was a really moving tribute and shows how important it is to take a moment to thank those that care for us, so please do give your parent/carer an extra big hug today to thank them for all they have been doing for you this past week.

It's Friday which means we have almost completed 1 week of home learning. Give yourself a pat on the back for being so adaptable and for trying your best. Don't worry if you've had some moments of uncertainty - it's all a learning curve and above all remember we are in this together.

We are updating the class page all the time with ideas to keep you inspired to learn. The Maths page has a weekly plan from White Rose with video to support. Also, check out the useful websites link below to see some innovative ideas such as using your Alexa speaker, Netflix and Ted Talks to help you learn (as well as more conventional ideas too ).


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Winterbottom and Miss Whitehead


Thursday 26th March

Good morning boys and girls!

Yet again the sun is shining and as I sit here writing this I can hear the birds singing . Make the most of this weather and do some outdoor learning today. One of my favourite artists is Andy Goldsworthy. He uses materials found in nature to make striking sculptures. I've put some photos of his work in the Art folder, check them out and see if you can create some garden art of your own. Please do email photos of your work - we are keen to hear from you and see what you are up to! Why not take the opportunity to do some gardening, read outdoors, exercise in the sun, create your own obstacle course or draw a spring time picture. 

We miss you all, keep smiling and look after your loved ones.

Miss Winterbottom and Miss Whitehead


Wednesday 25th March


Good morning Year 3,

Another beautiful, sunny morning to wake up to - remember to get some fresh air today if you can. 


Poetry is a really good way to express your feelings so check out the English page and look at how to write an effective shape poem. Try designing some calligrams (not sure what this means? go to the English page to find out!). There are also some links to some excellent performance poetry, so when you've written your poem have a go at performing it to your adult! Remember to speak with expression, use eye contact and talk with a clear voice to make your performance even better!


Don't forget to get your heart pumping with Joe Wicks' Daily Work Out at 9am each morning. 


Happy Wednesday everyone,

Miss Winterbottom and Miss Whitehead


Tuesday 24th March


Good morning Year 3,

We hope that your first day of hoe learning went well and we’re sure you put 100% effort and enthusiasm into whatever you did. The weather is looking good today so try and get some fresh air in the garden if you can.

Take some time to check out the Topic page and learn some Science – you will find some really cool videos to watch about forces and magnets

Remember it’s important to keep active – tune in to Joe Wicks' Daily Work Out at 9am each morning to kick start your day.


Enjoy your Tuesday,

Miss Whitehead and Miss Winterbottom



Monday 23rd

Good morning Year 3,


We hope you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunny weather. Today is the start of a first for you and for us and we know you will take up the challenge and do your best!


We will be writing a message to you every day so please keep checking the class page. There are some activities to get you started on your home learning over the next few weeks and we will be updating these frequently.


It is important to keep active so why not start your day with a P.E. lesson and tune in to Joe Wicks' Daily Work Out at 9am each morning. 


Have a great day! 

Miss Winterbottom and Miss Whitehead