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Summer 1 Home Learning

Here you will find the tasks set for week 1 and 2

Week 2

w/c 27th April – Information about this week’s English home learning.


See the word document below for more information on this week’s tasks. Now we know our story is written by Chris Van Allsburg, find out more about him. What else has he written? Have you read any of his stories before?


This week’s English task is to write a Balanced Argument discussing the positive and negative reasons Annie Edson Taylor went over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Alternatively to writing a Balanced Argument, you could record yourself having a debate / discussion with another member of your household about your opinions on Annie’s incredible feat / reckless act! This has great links to our PSHE topic exploring “Money”.


  • Below is a document containing some causal/contrasting conjunctions / adverbials to help you form your argument.
  • There is also a document with a writing frame, if you would like help structuring your writing
  • There is also some lined paper (if you are able to print some off) to hand-write your Balanced Argument. If you do not have lined paper / access to a printer, you can type your writing onto the computer / tablet.


We are intrigued to see your Balanced Arguments! Email them in to school for us to enjoy. Can you have a heated debate with a friend over Zoom or FaceTime? Pick a side and get debating! (Remember to get permission from your adults, of course!)

Week 1

w/c 20th April

Open the Word document below for the first week back's English tasks. Once you have completed the tasks on the document, then you can open the "Our Summer 1 Story" folder to read the story in full.


Please get in touch if you can't access the story photos, and please send in any Character Profiles you would like to share with us!


Spelling tasks:


Use words from the statutory word lists to create:

  • a word search
  • a crossword (use dictionaries to help with definitions and meanings)
  • creative spellings - see below for an example - how could you display your spellings?

Some extra English resources: