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First Week of Home Learning 23rd March 2020

"Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful of your life" Mark Twain

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am sure we are all feeling a bit strange at the moment. As one child said " It's a wierdy day". Over the next few weeks try to take it slow, start to develop a gentle routine to the day. Ensure your child has plenty of chance to develop independence; dressing themselves, making choices for food, clothes , what they want to do.

Try to limit screen time and make sure you get some outside time. Even sitting on the back-step, in the sun hand-washing teddies in warm soapy water can be therapeutic.

I hope you are enjoying sharing the Journal and the A to Z adventures together and after Easter we hope to develop further home learning.

Every day I will try to add some content to the website in the Nursery Section. I am just finding my way around it. Currently things are appearing in the Home Learning Section, but I hope to start adding content into the other areas so be sure to check in there too. 

If you want to email into school , please do FAO  J. Brewerton Nursery and it will be forwarded onto me. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Please remember self-care, mindfulness and trying to stay grounded in the here and now will all help. Look at the changes Spring is bringing. And look for Venus after dusk in the East at the moment, it is dazzlingly bright.

below is a document with some links on to support you at home.