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Week 4 11.5.20


From this week we will be directing you to Espresso and BBC Bitesize daily French lessons. These are an amazing resource and you will be able to pick and choose depending on your French skills and progress.


Please don’t worry if you need to repeat lessons as learning a new language can be very challenging. You are all at different stages in your learning so go at your own pace.


Most importantly we want you to enjoy exploring French and giving it a go.


Have fun!

Websites to help you learn French

Log on to Espresso - KS2 - Languages - French

Explore the areas and have fun!

Week 3 4.5.20

Months of the year


This week Year 4 we are going to learn the months of the year.

Log on to Espresso – KS2 – Languages- French – L’heure – Months

Play the video and see if you recognise any of the names of the months from Year 3!

You can look at the script to help you.


Below is a link to some matching cards. If you can, print up the sheet and cut out the names in English and French, then have a game and see who can remember what pairs with what.


They are quite tricky to begin with but see how many you can remember after 3 games.  Keep the game to test yourself on later.