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Continue to learn the spellings of the words ending in ment, which were introduced in the powerpoint.

Complete the crack the code activity below and check your answers.


We are continuing to calculate perimeter. Work through the powerpoint and then complete the activity sheets.

For each sheet decide how confident you feel. Choose developing (D) if you are not feeling very confident, expected (E) if you do feel confident and Greater depth (GD) if you would like a challenge. You can change if you are finding the questions too easy or hard. 

Mark your work and try to correct any errors using the answers at the bottom of the sheet.



  • Please finish writing your book review of Freedom for Bron. 
  • Then read it through and check and correct your spelling.
  • Look again at your punctuation and grammar. Correct any mistakes.
  • Have you used capital letters for all the proper nouns? 
  • Read it again and tick off the features of a book review checklist.
  • Have you included most of them?
  • If not try to add any missing features.
  • Read your review out loud and share it with a member of your family. 


Use the design you completed last week of an Anglo Saxon brooch and have a go at making it.

Look at the link below for other children's work.

You can use cardboard and string to make your design. Then wrap it in tin foil to give it a metallic look. If you have permanenet markers, they can be used to add colour. You could also use clay, plasticine or playdough.