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Friday 12th February


After you have practised your yoga and mindful breathing, you are going to practise our affirmation for today -

 I am curious

Our affirmation links really nicely with finding out about Chinese New Year.  Curiosity is a great quality to have as it means that you are interested in finding out more about our world around us.  Keep being curious about everything and you will learn so much. What will you find out today about Chinese New Year?  How can you find out more?


If you didn’t finish listening to Mrs Hodgson’s daily read of George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl yesterday, then finish listening to it today. Chapter 12, 13, 14 and 15.


Today, marks the beginning of the celebrations for Chinese New Year so, all your activities will be based around Chinese New Year today with lots of fun activities!

Your English activity is to listen to a story called ‘Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon’ and then, you guessed it… you will be making your very own Chinese style dragon! Listen to the story of Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon here.


Next, we would like you to use the instructions template worksheet below to create a set of instructions to make your dragon. You need to think of what you will need and then write down a few steps of how you are going to make it. For example, First, make a head out of cardboard then cut two eye holes. Secondly, cut strips of paper and stick to the back of the neck to make a long tail. Next, colour the dragon in red, yellow and other bright colours. Finally, add some details to your dragon for the mouth, nose, ears and horns.


If you want to make a paper puppet dragon instead of a big cardboard dragon then follow one of these links:

Link 1 - Chinese Dragon paper puppet - to make this first paper one, you can use normal paper and fold it backwards and forwards in a concertina effect if you don’t have crepe paper.

Link 2 - CBeebies Chinese paper hand Dragon - to make this second paper one use normal paper and colour it in or use coloured paper if you have it.

Or, you can use your imagination to make a big cardboard one.


Once you have made your dragon, why not dance around your house with your dragon like the traditions and celebrations of Chinese New Year.



It's Chinese New Year and today in maths we are going to learn how to write the numerals 0-10 in Mandarin

Also on your maths sheet is a times table colouring challenge which when completed will reveal a Chinese New Year symbol

Have fun - or as they say in China 玩得开心 Wán dé kāixīn

(You could put this Mandarin into Google translate to see how it's pronounced!)



Watch the Chinese lion dance and then have a go at learning some lion moves here.  Perhaps you could make a box lion head from one of the boxes from your sculpture on Wednesday. Be creative and make up your own dance. 


Next, join in with some Chinese dancing - although there are only girls dancing, boys please don't be put off and have a go.  Some Chinese dances use ribbons - you could try adding these to your dances. Have fun!



We hope you have a good rest over the next week and spend lots of time with your family doing lots of fun things! 


There is a bingo activity sheet below which you can do over half term with your family and send it to your teachers when you have completed it. This is not essential, just for fun if you wish to complete it. 


HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a huge well done to you all for your hard work this half term. You have been amazing! 


From Mrs Hodgson, Miss Balfe and Mrs Graham laugh