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Friday 16th July 2021

9.30-10.30 Live Lesson: Today I will briefly talk about the writing and STEM activities and then we will enjoy some Show and Tell. As with all days, if we overrun after 10.30 please ask your child to wave frantically at me so I can say goodbye and then we will carry on.  Parents - if you could let me know by email by 9 am, I will know that I should ask your child to speak before this time.  


10.45-11.30 English: Today you will be writing a letter to complain because you have been told by Boris Johnson (we are pretending this) that from now on you cannot go to school because of your gender.  Remember this means that if you are a girl - you are pretending that all the girls have been told they can't go to school any more.  If you a boy - you are pretending that all boys have been told that they can't go to school any more.  Why do you think you should go?  Watch the video lesson here. You can stop and start it so that you can write along side me, if you like. 

For children that might find this activity tricky, can they write a letter to a family member telling them why they have missed seeing them this week?  A conjunction list is added below, if your child needs it. 


11.30-12.00 Maths: Today you will have some maths puzzles and games to complete.  There are some differentiated sheets below.  Have you tried ICT games yet? There are lots of English and maths games.  click here for the menu.  Today I would like you to try Archery Doubles here


1.00 - 3.00 STEM challenges.  I thought today you might like to try out some challenges. 

1. The first one is to fit through one piece of paper.  The instructions and testing sheet (optional) are provided below. 

2. The second activity is to the make the best parachute.  The instructions are shown below.  Your challenge is... no to give up after one attempt.  Keep trying different materials for the parachutes plus the size and height.  What is the very best parachute you can make?  


I am looking forward to finding out about how you got on.  


3.15 Story Time with Mrs Graham - on the school video centre, here, there are quite a few videos with me reading stories.  Head over to there and listen to some you haven't heard before: Sugar Cane, And Tango Makes Three, Katie Morag, Off to Market, Tortoise's Dream and What Made Tiddalik Laugh.