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Join Joe Wicks @ 9am - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ


Happy Friday! Our Final Phase 3 Lesson!

Today's lesson:

Warm up: Final sound check with Miss James in the video!

Activity: Choose the second half of your sound cards and then say the sound one at a time and say/write a word that includes that sound.

Good Luck!

Phonics - Lesson 5 - Phase 3 Recap.mp4

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Because you've worked so hard with your tens and ones this week I have a nice easy lesson for you about one more and one less today!

Watch the video and complete the worksheet. https://vimeo.com/480325729

If you want to work practically instead of using the work sheet you can do (or do both!). Use a number line or a one hundred square, find a number then tell us what is one more of one less. You can watch Miss James' video as an example!

Interactive 100 square here - https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/paint-the-squares


Ways to work practically explained - ideas for the grown ups!

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Live Check-In @ 11:30am

Use your child's Gmail account to log in and access the Google Meet with the link your teacher has sent you.

Religious Education- Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?

His half term we are going to start to think about Muslims and the faith of Islam. Do you already know anything about Islam? In the first session we are going to think about what is important to us and that fact that not everything that is important to us can be seen!

RE - Session 1.mp4

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Golden Time!


In school when we have worked hard all week we treat ourselves to some golden time!

Time to do something we enjoy and be proud of the work we have completed all week!


Enjoy your golden time this week doing something you enjoy!

Well done everyone!! (including grownups!)