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Mindful Moments

Start the morning by practising your 3 mindful m's - mindful yoga sequence 1; mindful 5 finger breathing; mindful thoughts - today's affirmation is I am determined.  Remember to say it three times.  Do you remember that Mary Seacole was determined to become a nurse in the Crimean war even though th War Office didn't want her.  She didn't let that stop her.  Is there anything you think you are determined to do?  What motivates you to keep trying?  If something is difficult or someone doesn't think you could do something, think about saying I am determined and try extra hard.  



Today, you are going to write your version of Ratburger, using your plan from yesterday, to help you. Start your story off with the title and then start writing about your setting. Set the scene… describe what you can see around you in your story setting using those expanded noun phrases from Wednesday’s lesson. This helps the reader picture and imagine being in your story. Next, add more detail to your beginning, how does Zoe’s day begin? Are you starting from when she blew her birthday cake candles out? Where is she going? What is she going to do? Does Gingernut go with her?

Like we say in school, add more detail to your plan by writing lots of good sentences for each of your planning boxes. How exciting can you make your story? What goes wrong in the middle? What happens next? How might your story end? Happy ending? Sad ending? Horrifying ending? You choose! Don’t forget to use those expanded noun phrases in your story that we learnt about on Wednesday.


Watch the video of Mrs Hodgson starting her story off to guide you.






Today in PSHE, we are thinking about how we can inspire others.  We are going to investigate what it means to be inspirational and how the things that you do can be inspirational, to your friends and family.

 Watch the video of Mrs Graham narrating a powerpoint and explaining what you need to do with your activity task (below). Click here.

Next complete your worksheet. 


Getting Active

Try the 1 minute challenge:  Do 5 star jumps, 5 leap high jumps. 5 body twists. run on the spot for 5 seconds. Do this two times and then lie on the floor and rest for the rest of the minute. You could do this during the day to waken yourself up a bit.