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Friday 22nd May

Friday 22nd May

Dear Nursery,

Morning! What are your plans today? It has rained! I love looking for raindrops on leaves; they look beautiful in the morning sun.

Physical Development: You are going to love this idea! Seen on Pinterest, why don’t you MILK THE COW ! I bet you have some rubber gloves at home.

We have also included some Minibeast Cutting skills sheets in today’s section.

Here is a great Go Noodle song to get you moving Chicken Dance.

Communication and Language Development: There are some farm Animal masks in today’s section. Make them and retell Farmer Duck, or another Farm story or make up your own?

Mathematics: I am sure you still have a lot of mathematics to do from yesterday’s booklet, enjoy! Don’t forget to count your farm animals out and back in to make sure you have not lost any!

Story time & Lunch Prep; Fruity Friday! Share some fruit & look at it, help peel it or prepare it, look for the seeds and compare different fruits. Here are a couple of fruit themed books Eating the Alphabet book (American pronunciations sometimes) and Oliver’s Fruit Salad. Here is a lovely Out Of The Ark song Eat Your Greens. .

Topic;  Young People’s Trust For The Environment this is another great site to explore. There are some great activity packs. I have included a few;Plants,  Minibeasts ( & Dinosaurs) . It might be straying a bit from Farmer Duck theme but it is because we can find so many just beyond our doorstep and it is so interesting! Great Holiday activities too!

Reflection: Do The Sleeping Bunny There are also some great Yoga Resources uploaded for you today.

Well done! You and your family have done your LAST week of Summer Term 1 Home Learning! I hope you are all really proud of yourselves, let us know on our class blog how it has been going. We will have a break now for the Whit Holidays. I hope you enjoy it and look for minibeasts, maybe even make your own Minibeast hotel (planning sheet in today’s section)! 

Miss  Brewerton & Mrs Poole