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Friday 29th January


Practise your yoga sequence and your sunshine breathing at the end of it.  Then say your affirmation and finally do your 5 finger breathing. 

Today's affirmation is I am enthusiastic.

I expect you are enthusiastic about lots of things.  What are  these?  What do other people in your family or class get excited about? This affirmation will be best used when you are NOT feeling enthusiastic.  Perhaps these things are when you can't do something well or just don't feel like doing it.  Can you think of what these are?  I know that sometimes when I am nice and warm I don't feel enthusiastic about going for a walk - but it is good for me and I'll feel better for the fresh air.  That's when I need to say I am enthusiastic!

Remember to say it three times.



Today, you have found out that your dragon has done something very naughty! You need to create a wanted poster for your dragon. Use the worksheet if you wish or create your very own. What do you think needs to be included? Have you ever seen a wanted poster before?  Watch the video on the video centre of Mrs Hodgson explaining what needs to be in your wanted poster. You need to use a description of your own dragon so that people know who they are looking for. What else might people find useful in helping them find the wanted dragon?... A picture!



Today we are going to be introducing thirds and the fraction 1/3. Perhaps you can already use your knowledge on the numerator and denominator to try and split a shape into thirds! Complete the before and after mini quizzes and watch the Oak National Academy video which recaps halves, quarters and explains what is meant by thirds. 

Then complete the finding a third worksheet attached below showing your understanding of a third as a fraction of a shape. 

Finish today's lesson by playing the Espresso pizza fractions game to practise halves, quarters and thirds. Can you challenge yourself by increasing the speed and work out the missing pizza fraction even faster?! 🍕



This week you are going to try out some algorithms without the use of a computer!  The instructions explain how you will create an algorithm for a dance using the resource sheet.  Have fun creating your own dances! An example of dance moves is shown below. 



In PE we are focusing on creative dance. As with all the 'This is PE' lessons, there are ideas to develop the lesson further. Today we will need an adult or other child to help your dance and movement ideas. Watch the lesson instructions here.  


Activity for the Weekend - RSPB Garden Watch

This weekend is the RSPB Garden Watch and we thought you might enjoy joining in.  Below is a bird identification chart to help you.  Click here to find out more. You count the number of each type of bird you see in your garden and can submit this online OR you can just do it for fun. 



Don't forget to practise this week's song by clicking here.  Remember there are sign language actions you need to practise too.  Lyrics are available on Tuesday's page.