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Friday 5th February


Start the day with some relaxation techniques.  What breathing technique will you use? Hi 5 hand breathing? Belly breathing? Sunshine breathing?  Next do the yoga sequence (see Monday) and finally say our affirmation 3 times...

I am ready

What do you need to be ready for?  What do other people need to be ready for?  Ready to start your work?  Ready to go out?  Ready to get dressed?  There are lots of times we need to be ready, and by being organised, we can be ready quickly.  Sometimes when we aren't ready and are going slow and don't know where our things our, we start to get upset or annoyed - or maybe someone else will!   

Do you best today and this week to be ready for everything life has to offer.  Enjoy your day and your weekend. 



Today, we are going to look at a different performance poet named Benjamin Zephaniah. Watch this link first, and then watch Mrs Hodgson's video going through some other examples of poetry which can easily be turned into performance poetry and then find out who Benjamin Zephaniah is and read one of his poems together.


We will then use his poem to write our own version of Talking Turkeys about an everyday object and give it feelings and emotions just like Benjamin Zephaniah did. Use the examples that Mrs Hodgson has given you, football, water bottle and shoes, to help you with your own poem. Choose an everyday object that you can then give feelings and emotions to. Another example might be your pencil… it gets squeezed in at the waist all day long, then someone comes along, turns me round until my head is sharp, they get angry with me again, and scrape my brains out across their page, ouch, the pain!


Have a go and see what you can come up with.  



Begin today's lesson by completing the finding quarters word problem sheet attached below - make sure you read each question carefully. If you complete this confidently, have a go at the finding a quarter mastery style questions attached below. Then use Miss Balfe's video to check and mark your answers to both the word problems and the mastery questions. Don't worry if you haven't completed the mastery style questions independently, you could always work through them alongside Miss Balfe. 

Finish today's lesson by playing the Crystal Crash fractions of numbers game. WARNING: It's lots of fun! laugh



Today's lesson focus is gymnastic shapes.  Here is a lesson with Miss Fields who is part of the PE Planning team. You can do all of this activity in your lounge.  Watch the lesson here.  She will start your lesson with animal warm ups and then move onto teaching you the key gymnastic shapes (see resource below) before showing you how to do a copy cat activity with an adult or sibling.  Finally, you will have the chance to make up your own routine, perhaps using some of your creative dance from last week.  


Activity for the weekend

Did you do the bird spotting activity last week?  This week, why don't you look at the clouds in the sky and see if you can notice how they are different a lot of the time.  Perhaps you could find out more about clouds. Here is a short video to start you off.