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Friday 5th March


When you have done your yoga and mindful breathing, practise your affirmation - today it is...

I can make healthy food choices

This affirmation links to our science today on food.  What food do you prefer to eat?  Is it healthy?  Mrs Graham loves chocolate but it isn't healthy for her to eat too much.  You need to balance you food choices.  Over the next week, remind yourself that you can make healthy food choices - keep telling yourself this and see if, by next Friday, you have made better choices. Good luck!



Handwriting - lesson focus: joining sh th ch  Join Mrs Graham's video lesson - make sure you have a piece of lined paper or the handwriting practise sheet below that has the joins already printed on.


Main Lesson - lesson focus: to develop comprehension and retrieval skills. Today we will be using a World Book Day comprehension to develop these skills.  Mrs Graham will go through the skills you need to read and retrieve information from this comprehension on her lesson video.  Afterwards, choose your comprehension level (be brave and have a challenge!), then read and answer the questions.  Remember the skills Mrs Graham has talked about to improve your understanding and retrieval.  Then... please collect any words you don't know and find their meaning.  Next put them into a sentence.  (If you know all the meanings you could choose your favourite words instead.)





Complete each question by solving the problem and working out each puzzle. Then watch Miss Balfe's video to discuss each of the answers and how each part of the puzzle would be solved! No peaking at the last page of today's work as that's where you'll find all of the answers! No need to look anyway as Miss Balfe will go through each answer in the video. enlightened

And that's it! Well done Year 2, you've completed your last home school maths lesson! laughyes


Science and Food

Thinking back to last week’s lesson on food groups, can you remember the name of the group which the food in it, helps your body to work properly? Hint: They also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Excellent!

So today, we are going to create a healthy snack for us to enjoy using 5 different pieces of fruit. We would like you to make either a fruit salad or a fruit kebab with 5 different fruits. Why might we be asking you to use 5 different fruits? To help us remember that we need 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every single day. Watch Mrs Hodgson's video on how I made my fruit salad and fruit kebab.

We would like you to prepare your fruit safely, with adult supervision. Remember that if you are using a knife to cut any fruit then please make sure your adult is with you! There are also lots of fruits which don’t require a knife to prepare - you have to prepare them in other ways, such as: an orange needs peeling and splitting into segments, raspberries, strawberries, grapes etc all need washing as their preparation whereas bigger fruits such as melons will require close adult supervision to cut, unless you have a melon baller.


Enjoy making your healthy snack for today, we would love to see pictures of you with your healthy fruit salad or fruit kebab! laugh



Can you remember how to measure your pulse from last week? If you can, ask your grown up to time you counting how many beats per minute your resting heart rate is and write it down on the sheet before you do any exercise. If not, then re-watch Mrs Hodgson’s video on how to find your pulse in your wrist and your neck.


Activity 1 – This is PE – Throwing for Accuracy – Watch the video and complete the throwing activity using different sized targets and seeing how far away you can move the target and still get your ball/teddy/socks into the target.


Activity 2 – This is PE – Flat Target Accuracy – Watch the video and complete this throwing activity. This one involves making number targets so use numbers which you can add together to make your final score!
For example, Mrs Hodgson made a target of 20, 50 and 100. Each time I landed on one with the first bounce or my object stayed on the target I wrote down the number. I did this, 10 times and then added those numbers together one by one. I scored… 580 points.


Finally, ask your grown up to time you counting how many beats per minute your maximum heart rate is and write it down on the sheet straight after you finish your exercise. (It should be much higher if you were working really hard!)


Extra Challenge: Can you work out the range or difference between your resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate? (Hint – you will need to do take away) The sheet is attached below if you need it again from last week.




That is the end of Home Schooling! laugh

We would just like to say a huge well done to you all. You have worked so hard and kept your spirits up the whole way through. Also, thank you to your parents for doing such a great job of home schooling too.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to school on Monday 8th March. laughyes