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Friday 9th July 2021

Suggested Timetable:


NOTE ABOUT THE SPAG SHEET  - the children are unable to answer question 11 about Max, but could use this to describe someone else.                   


9.30-10.30:  English: SPAG - Below is a SPAG activity sheet for you to look at. If you can't print it off then don't worry, write your answers on some paper.  We will go through the answers together in the live check in. If you want a further activity, write me a postcard to tell me how you will spend your isolation. Your parents can upload it for me and email me. (Parents: this will be marked in the live check in and does not need sending in)


11.00-12.00 Live check in and Lessons: We will be marking our SPAG and revising our knowledge of fractions, 3D shapes and counting up in fractions.  We will look at some truck art to help with our activity this afternoon.  You will need paper and a pencil. 


1.00-1.45 ART: Pakistani Truck Art: During our last few art lessons, we have been looking at Pakistani patterns and symmetry.  Today in our live check in we will learn a bit more together and then you will have a go this afternoon on your own.  There is a template available below OR you could draw your own.  

Today you will be designing your own truck art, using patterns and symmetry.  I have added the powerpoint that I have been using for our lessons - the truck art is lesson 3 and has some ideas for you there. 


2.15-3.00 Maths: Counting in fractions - this lesson follows on from the live lesson this morning.  There are three activities to choose from.  A word problem set and counting in steps in 1/4s and a set of tricker fraction number lines.  (Parents: please choose the most appropriate task for your child. They should complete just one.)

You could spend some time making fractions using fruit or playdough and using these to count in 1/2 or 1/4s or 1/3s.