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From 8.6.20 Please look in the Home Learning icon then Summer 2 Home Learning for your lessons
This term we are going to be learning about the similarities and differences between towns and villages. We will be taking a closer look at different locations including Castleton.
Week 4,5 and 6 11.5.20

For the rest of this half term we are going to be finding out how North West England compares with North West Italy

Don't forget the Oddizzi Weekly Activities further down on the page to support your learning

Week 2 and 3 27.4.20 and 4.5.20


To use a range of sources to  identify the features of a National Park

I can use maps and digital mapping to describe what a national park is

I can research information about National Parks and locate the different parks.

I can use photographs to describe the human and physical features of a national park




Use the information on the above website and the information sheet to discuss what a national park is.


Use this information to create an information sheet about national parks.


Use atlases and digital mapping to locate different national parks and record this using a sketch map if possible or chat about the locations with who you are learning with today. Can you use the Internet to find the National Parks of the world?


Can you name the National Parks on the map below?


Use photographs to describe human and physical features of different National Parks. Tell your learning partners today what human and physical features are!

Extended Learning

  • Use real or virtual atlases to see how many countries in the world you and your family can name - You should be getting good at this! Who can name the most? who can name the countries in Europe? Who knows the names of the seas and oceans? Keep practising.
  • Watch CBBC Newsround – What else is going on in the world?
  • Look at a world map and tell your family about the places you have learnt about at school – research a place of interest
  • Where is India? Why is India a place of interest for us at the moment? Who are we learning about and why? Tell your family about this
  • Where is Castleton? Look on Google Earth and find out about what the local area is like. How different is it to where we live? How different is it to Stockport or Manchester. Research online what it is like.
  • Investigate how environments can change over time. Use ICT to research the ice caps and what is gradually happening



Oddizzi is an amazing online resource that we would be using in school that is available to you at home. It will help you with your Geography and general knowledge. They have weekly challenges too and you can see these posted each week below. The website link and log on details are below too so give it a try.


Oddizzi  https://www.oddizzi.com/  Username: DRPSY4  Password: yearfour

Travelling the World with Stockport