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V.E. Day Bank Holiday

This year the traditional Monday May Day Bank Holiday has been moved to the 8th of May to coincide with celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the ending of war in Europe. 

The Power Point and parent/teacher notes are a guide as to why these events happened. They do not tell the whole story and are not designed as a complete unit. There are other links available but we suggest parents look first to check that they feel the content is suitable for their child.

In 1945 people celebrated victory because it meant hope for peace in Europe and the World with all nations.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zqtf34j - Find out about Roman Britain

  • Continue to learn about the Romans. Use ICT to research a particular aspect that we have not yet studied.
  • Investigate how the Romans changed Britain. The BBC videos have great information.
  • Complete the Roman Dance workshops (Links below)
  • Learn about history through song. Learn the Roman and Boudicca song.
  • Learn about the history of India and the events involving independence. Link this with research about Mahatma Gandhi and why he is such an important part of history.

Roman Dance Units

Roman Dance units

Roman dance units