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Home Learning 30th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers & children,

I hope the first week went smoothly, the weather helped didn't it? This week it will be a bit colder, in fact today there are little sleet showers!

I am going to be directing you to Easter activities this week, to get us in the mood for the end of Lent and the observation of Easter, which for Christians means the rebirth of Jesus. It is no coincidence that we have just had the Spring Equinox and the Festival of Ostera. An ancient observation of Spring and days becoming longer.

I hope you are enjoying sharing the Journal and the A to Z adventures together and after Easter we hope to develop further home learning. I have uploaded the Journal files in the Home Learning section. Over the next week I will start to add more content in other areas of Learning so be sure to check in.

If you want to email into school, please do FAO  J. Brewerton Nursery and it will be forwarded onto me. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Please remember self-care, mindfulness and trying to stay grounded, in the here and now, will all help. Downtime & cuddle time is vital, I have been watching a lot of Disney this week.

I saw a helpful post about actually writing out your worries and putting it into a jar. Acknowledging that they exist but then taking them away for safe keeping so that you do not have to hold them in your heads. Read more about ‘The Worry Jar’ here and take what you need.

Look at the changes Spring is bringing. Maybe collect a few branches on your walk and bring them inside. Make a small Easter display and lets see what we can make this week to add to it.

Take care,

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole