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Monday 11th January


Hi Year 6

This term - the English is all about poetry. We look at the language used and the style conventions of poetry. It is a a fantastic way to express feelings and emotions and can be really fun to perform. As well as studying and writing poems we also practise and perform them for each other - a little tricky at the moment! However this week we will focus on the type of language used and on enjoying some performances. I wonder which ones you will prefer.

Here's a little sorting activity to see if you have got the idea of figurative language - answers included!

Maths Home Learning 11/1/21


Decimals - Have a look at the video centre for the Powerpoint and teaching part of this topic. Use the place value challenge cards to extend your understanding further.

Geography Home Learning 11/1/21


Click on the video centre to find today's Geography lesson...


Our topic this term has a geography focus since we focussed so much on history last term. We look at maps as you did last week and we learn how to read them more accurately and what their symbols mean. We also look at the biomes of the world and how the climate of a country is influenced by its position in the world and how the flora and fauna that live there are suited to its climate. 


Have a look at the clip of Steve Backshall explaining how to use four figure grid references



Home Learning- 7th and 8th January 2021

English Home Learning

Spelling – silent letters

Here is a link for BBC bitesize home learning resources. There are four short activities to complete. Plus, I have added some additional silent letters work in the word document.




You can also access read theory from home and should do one session each day. Your password is in your homework diary but let us know if you have difficulty finding your password as each class teacher has them.


Additionally, here is a link to three lovely activities again on BBC bitesize which focus on reading comprehension and are supported with video clips.






Here’s a little revision on tenses before we tackle progressive ones next week.


These 2 activities focus on recap and revision of work completed during the Autumn term:

  • rounding of whole numbers
  • BODMAS / BIDMAS (Order of operations)


There is a brief explanation at the start of each worksheet to remind you of how to complete both. It is not expected that you complete the whole of each worksheet as they are both very long, but instead work through the sections you feel able to.

Here are some website links to help with your recall and support your learning:







We didn’t do any Geography last half term as we focused on our World War 2 History topic. This countries quiz will help sharpen our skills and will be fun to fill in. You can use books or the internet to help you find the answers to anything you don’t already know!

The only section you won’t be able to actually type in the answers for is the shading in of the map- so you could either print it or miss this question out.



This half term we learn how to draw our own landscapes and cityscapes. Have a go at the activities on Birmingham Museum’s website, which look at how landscapes are created.




You need to choose ‘Art Gallery’ from the list, then ‘Learning about Landscapes’. You should find 4 different activities to do online (Horizon Line, Aerial Perspective, Art Gallery and Vanishing Point).