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Home Learning Photographs and work

4F Great to see you all keeping busy. I love the art challenge work, thank you Mrs Johnson for a great idea.

Colins' art work
Charlotte's cake - yummy
Emilia - learning about bones 4F
Art challenge #1 Lola 4F
Art  Challenge #1 Emily
Art  #2 Emily
Learning French from a native
Electricity - circuits
Electricity - circuits
Electricity -
French work
French too?
Great language work Jack and Rylan
Love this geography work
Fantastic Lola - 'frolicking' great work
I can't wait to see this properly
Well done Lola for a great solo effort
I really enjoy looking at the circuit work Emily
Great circuit Emily - more cells = brighter bulb
Pamphlet work by Narek
Pamphlet work by Narek
Pamphlet work by Narek
Great creativity - what a fantastic idea
Kitchen science
Fabulous art
Beautiful day out Kyra
Keep up the great work!
Well done Kyra.
I can't wait to hear how you've improved.
Wonderful writing Narek
Well done Narek
Really interesting research thank you

Circuit boards

Still image for this video

Electrical circuits

Still image for this video

Roman villa

Still image for this video
4HB Great to see you all keeping busy! Missing you all so much! Keep the photographs coming!
Making a powerpoint about 'gaming'
Ruby Cracking Comprehension
Ruby Fantastic TTRS and Crossword
Lovely letter to Grandparents
Mylo Book Review
A poster for Ben's Auntie and the NHS
An Ancient Egyptian Tomb to hide  treasure
Making fruit skewers
Tasting creations Mmmmmm

Practising football skills

Still image for this video
Fantastic writing from Harry
Harry's research about the planets
Harry's research about the planets 2

Mylo's Easter Break

Busy investigating

Sharing some of the things we have been doing at home.

They have been making things,investigating minibeasts, doing Joe Wicks workout,working hard, playing board games, making a model of the planets, making a huge rainbow for our window, making a marble run and toasting marshmallows.

They have also made crispy cakes,camped out in the garden over the Easter weekend, Paddled in the pond!!!! rescued a hedgehog,helped build decking,pretended we were at the beach and an enjoyed lock down birthday!

Fab Pictures!

What a great picture from Luke
Ben learning about the planets
Passing on books to the community! Fab!
A visit to Castleton! Guess how many years ago this was!

Fantastic Leaflet from Mylo

A Brilliant leaflet from Ruby - One of my favourite places
Science Wow!
An Oz Power point from Thomas  - with a humorous twist of course!
28km!!!!! bike ride around a gorgeous city
Not forgetting the amazing work!
Yummy Flapjacks
Amazing Ancient Greece Power Point - Fantastic Harry
Zoo Creation!
A Seashell Story by Ruby Hamilton - A reminder of being by the sea! I loved this.
Max hard at work! - I've left a message on the blog for you smiley
Meet the heroes in Mylo's fantastic play script

Max's Fantastic Poem and Picture