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Instructions for Live Check-ins at 10:30am

Read the Live Check-in Instructions below, then respond on Google Classroom to say you have read and understood


We can't wait to see all your faces again on the Live Check-ins at 10:30am.


- Join by clicking the link which will be visible on the Stream on Monday morning at 10:30am

- Don't join too early - if you are the first person on the meet then please leave until Miss Leah arrives

- Mute yourself before you enter, but you can have your camera turned on

- Do not change your background. Blurring your background is fine though.

- Try not to be in your bedroom - if you have to be, then blur your background using the settings before you enter the Live Check-in

- Once in the Live Check-in, Three B's at all times - Be Kind to others, Be Respectful to your teacher and peers, and Be your Best in terms of your behaviour

- Click the "Raise Hand" button if you would like to speak, and only once chosen, un-mute yourself to speak. Then re-mute yourself and "Lower your hand" by clicking the "Lower Hand" button

- Miss Leah can mute you, but you must un-mute yourself to speak, but only when asked to! I cannot unmute your microphone for you

- Do not use the Live Chat typing box to message in or each other. Only use this to tell me your microphone isn't working

- No screenshots of the class Live Check-in please - your friends might not have permission.



You will be removed from the Live Check-in if you do not follow any of the rules, but you can re-join providing you stick to them. Remember, we don't have long to "meet", so please follow the rules and we'll have a great time catching up every morning! If you have any questions then email the Year 5 email address.


If you can't get on to the Live Check-in, do not worry, send us an email to list your problem and to say you tried to join and we might be able to fix your problem.