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Look out there are birds about!, by Mrs Fallows

Look out there are birds about!


We are learning to use all our senses when we go to have 'forest school fun' , this means we look, listen, smell and feel ( but we only taste our snack treats!). 


When we are out there we hear big noises such as planes and the hum of the motorway but we are also starting to be aware of and identify birds.

We have seen magpies, seagulls, great tits, blue tits, robins, black birds and often a jay.

Recently however we have been luck enough to see a woodpecker, two beautiful field fares (who arrive from October onwards and stay until March- look like Missel thrushes), and then surprisingly a pair of ring-necked parakeets, we thought these were escaped caged birds, but apparently they have travelled across from Europe because of the climate warming.

They can be found in large flocks down south but there have been a few sightings in the Greater Manchester area this year ( and we were lucky enough to see them!) and apparently they have been hanging round Chrolton for a few years! They are very distinctive, bright green with red hooked beaks and a raucous call, and seemed to like the chatter of the children as they followed us accross the field and onto the woodland area.