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Maths SUmmer 2019

From 15.6.20 Please look in the Home Learning icon then Summer 2 Home Learning for your lessons

Summer 2 Focus

For some of the blocks this half term you will be referred to Oak Academy And BBC sites for revision work.

Please also look for games and activities updates in Further Resources.


Statistics (linked to science):

Statutory requirements:

 interpret and present discrete and continuous data using appropriate graphical methods, including bar charts and time graphs.

 solve comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in bar charts, pictograms, tables and other graphs.

Geometry - properties of shapes

Statutory requirements:

 compare and classify geometric shapes, including quadrilaterals and triangles, based on their properties and sizes

 identify acute and obtuse angles and compare and order angles up to two right angles by size

 identify lines of symmetry in 2-D shapes presented in different orientations

 complete a simple symmetric figure with respect to a specific line of symmetry.


Measurement including time

Multiplication and division using known facts to 12 x 12 

Summer 1 Focus


Block 1 Statutory requirements:

 read, write and convert time between analogue and digital 12- and 24-hour clocks  

 solve problems involving converting from hours to minutes; minutes to seconds; years to months; weeks to days.


 by the end of this half term to be able to;

     confidently tell the time to the nearest minute on a range of clocks

     work out the passage of time between events

     read and convert between 12 hour and 24 hour times

     read timetables and solve practical problems involving time


Block 2 Statutory requirements:

Multiply two-digit and three-digit numbers by a one-digit number using formal written layout


by the end of this term to be able to;

  • solve problems involving multiplying and adding, including using the distributive law to multiply two digit numbers by one digit
  • recall and use multiplication tables and related division facts to aid fluency
  • practise mental methods and extend this to three-digit numbers to derive facts, (for example 600 ÷ 3 = 200 can be derived from 2 x 3 = 6)
  • solve two-step problems in contexts, choosing the appropriate operation, working with increasingly harder numbers.





Third Space Maths Hub

Providing parents with access to some free resources. Create a log in at home to access these;


White Rose Home Learning:


Dear parents, White Rose Maths has now aligned its lessons with BBC Bitesize and lessons and activities are available through that site.

However as many parents have enjoyed accessing the full lessons and videos we have created an account. Each week the link will be in the corresponding folder. Please let school know if there are difficulties accessing the videos and worksheets.




Fun maths games on all sort of topics... make sure you challenge yourself and don't take the easy option!


This website requires you to register for a free account, which will give you access to some home learning packs for different year groups. Go into KS2 and then Year 4, where you should find: Maths, GPS and Reading packs. You can also search for Spring and Summer learning blocks.

Multiplication and division

Times Tables Rockstars - remember to practise 4 or 5 times a week. Play one studio session a week to maintain and improve your status.



Fractions and decimals:


Use these games to help you.