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Please practise the fluidity of your writing. You could practise familiar words like the days of the week. Work hard on the size and shape of your letters and how they join together.




Today we are considering what makes a great book review. We are not writing one.

Make notes about a book you have read and consider the success criteria of an amazing book review. How will you set it out? What will you include?


Make time to read today. Relax and enjoy!


Today we are considering forgiveness.

Watch these 2 videos and consider your thoughts about them. We will me doing some drama next week based around forgiveness. Our act of kindness for the day is forgiveness!


The Two Debtors - YouTube

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant Matthew 18 Sunday School Lesson Resource - YouTube


Now watch the crucifixion video on Espresso

The Easter story | Discovery Education


Consider how Jesus could forgive those who did this to him and thousands of others during this time.


We will be doing cross country in the snow today. At home you could complete a Joe Wicks session or use an app to do an online class. This could be yoga, boxing etc.