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Monday 12th July 2021

Spellings: As there are 2 spellings groups, please could I ask that you test your own child this morning.  The last spelling set is attached below.  They should practise each day. 


9.30-10.30 Live Check In Lesson:  There will be guidance for the English lesson and an introduction for the Maths.  There will be a short RE lesson about the Five Pillars of Islam, focusing on Salah, the Pillar of Prayer. 


11-12.00 English:  Look at the image below of the boy with the goat. Where is the boy? What is his name?  Write as many questions as you can about the picture.  Then choose a genre and free write.  Will you write a poem? Story? newspaper report? non-chronological report? postcard?  Remember that it is always important to use the correct punctuation, neat handwriting,  a range of sentence starts, conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. Use a coloured pen or pencil to edit your work afterwards. 


1.00-1.30 Reading: Read a book to yourself.  Find any tricky words and write those down.  Talk to an adult about what these mean and use a dictionary if possible to find the meaning there.  Put the tricky words in order.


1.45-2.30 Maths: Following on from the input during the live lesson, watch this video to reinforce 3D shape names here.  How many different 3D shapes can you find - and name - around the house?  Can you find one for each shape? Next watch and take part in the White Rose video here. Finally look at the worksheets below. Worksheet 1: identifying properties of 3D shape, Worksheet 2: Problem solving, Worksheet 3: identifying 3D shapes colouring sheet.  Record on paper or print off if you wish. Parents: choose the level that suits your child best.  


2.45-3.05 Story Time:  Listen to Mrs Graham reading a book hereMalala's Magic Pencil (This will lead into work for the rest of the week and is 17 minutes long).