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Monday 1st March


If you would like to, watch last Monday's Mindfulness workshop so that you can do the yoga sequence with Mrs Graham.  Practise your mindful breathing using your Hi 5 fingers and breath into your tummy.  You could even have a go at lying down and letting a toy rise and fall on your tummy as you breath in and out.  Today's affirmation is...

I radiate joy

What does this mean? To radiate joy means that you can spread your happiness to others.  How can you do this?  If you are miserable then other people might become miserable too.  The same with anger or worry.  Try to think happy thoughts today and share your happiness with others. 



Spellings - Lesson focus:  to test last week's spellings and to learn to spell words ending in y, such as cry and why.  

Watch Mrs Graham's video and afterwards spend about 10 minutes practising your spellings. Do this each day, using a different strategy to make practising more interesting. The look, cover, write approach (see spelling sheet below) is a successful strategy to use over the week.


Handwriting - Lesson focus: to join aw, ak, ab.  Practise alongside Mrs Graham in her video - use lined paper or the formation sheet below. 


Main lesson - Lesson focus: to start to write a biography.  This is only a short lesson as you have your spellings and handwriting to do as well.

Last Friday, you planned out your biography of someone you know.  Today we will recap the features of a biography - chronological report - and then you will work together with Mrs Graham (on her video) to write up the start of your biography. Please write your 'draft biography' on lined paper that you can keep adding to over the next couple of days.  Once we have finished our biography, we will edit it using the success ladder (see tomorrow) and then write it up in best. 



Begin today's lesson by watching Miss Balfe's video to recap faces of 3D shapes from Friday's lesson and learn about edges of 3D shapes in today's lesson. When you are ready to, pause the video to complete both worksheets on edges of 3D shapes - the counting edges sheet and also the extension sheet. 

Then resume the video to mark and check your work alongside Miss Balfe. 

To end today's lesson you could select one of the 3D Shape Alien Nets to cut out and stick together. Can you identify the faces and edges of your 3D alien shape? (This activity is optional).



Today, we are going to be doing a big recap of all of our learning so far. Listen to this song and then re-listen to it and have a go at joining in with the song! This will help you recap over the 5 oceans and 7 continents from last half term. Warning: it is very catchy!

There is a blank map of the world below and we would like you to fill in everything that you know so far. There are instructions on the worksheet. Start with labelling the 7 continents, then label the 5 oceans. After that, label the two poles and draw on the equator line. You might need to use an atlas or online world map to help you locate it correctly. Next, draw a compass in the top corner with the 4 directions on that you know. Identify and label the UK (where we live) and then label the surrounding seas around the UK. You may need to think back to some work we did in school before Christmas. You can also use an atlas or an online world map to help you if you are finding it tricky to remember the names of them. This map is going to get very busy so remember to keep your writing small and neat to make sure you fit everything in. I have attached the world map below.


Once you have completed your world map, there is a continents and oceans game attached below to recap over all your knowledge from this topic. You can either play this game with your family or on your own and time yourself each time you play to see if your time improves!



Watch Miss Nolan's video to complete your music activity this week.

Lesson on Who Built the Ark.