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Take a look at the new videos our PE teachers have put together to show you how you can join in with some key PE skills at home - https://www.didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk/pe-lessons/

 or Join Joe Wicks @ 9am https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ


Live Check-In @ 11:30am

Use your child's Gmail account to log in and access the Google Meet with the link your teacher has sent you. Please remember to mute your device.


Oxford Reading Owl - Use the Oxford Reading Owl to read a story or use another website below. Sadly we cannot start leaving or issuing reading books at the front of school for children to collect for safety reasons. 


www.burfordschool.co.uk (online reading and free ebooks)



http:// openlibrary.org


http://mrsp.com (streams stories and online activities)


Have a go at the reading activities below. They include a short text to read and some comprehension questions, to ensure children are developing a good understanding of what they have read. You can choose the level of text you feel your child would be most comfortable with.

Design and Technology

For Design and Technology this week, I would like you to make a 'stick house,' for the pigs. Think about what you can use to make the house. Could you collect some twigs? Do you have lolly sticks at home? Maybe you could find another material in your house that would look like sticks?

How are you going to attach your sticks together? Perhaps you might use elastic bands or blue tac or even string.

Watch the video for some ideas.

Don't forget to complete the worksheet when you have finished. I can't wait to see your stick houses!

3 Little Pigs Stick House

Still image for this video
A short video on ideas for making a 'stick,' house for the little pigs.