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Monday 18th January


Today, we are going to look at our new spellings for this week, play some games with our spellings and then you are going to learn these spellings at home over this week like you would do if we were in school, and then next Monday we will have our spelling test and new spellings will be set.  You can watch the video of Mrs Hodgson going through your new spellings and playing some games with you on the video centre. Complete the picture grid on the spellings word document below. Your spelling rule for this week is: /dz/ (j) sound spelt as ‘ge’ and ‘dge’ at the end of words and sometimes as ‘g’ elsewhere in words before ‘e’, ‘i’ and ‘y’. jacket, join, village, change, badge, edge, giant, gentleman.

Also today, we are going to do some handwriting practise as we know that you were all enjoying learning to join your letters before Christmas focussing on correct letter formation. Watch the video (video centre) of Mrs Hodgson doing this lesson. You can pause the video if needed and practise your lovely handwriting along with me. We will be focussing on the ‘am’ join.



This week in maths we are going to be looking at time. Have a look at the fact below. I thought it was very interesting! I wonder what people did for those 1-2 hours in the middle of the night while they were awake?! 

I hope you slept well last night and are raring to go with our Monday morning maths laugh

First watch Miss Balfe's video on time on the video centre (you can click here to do this).

Once you have watched the video and depending on how confident you are feeling with the lesson, complete the worksheets on either o'clock and half past or quarter to and quarter past. If you feel ready to complete the quarter to and quarter past activity straight away, please start with sheet 1 before moving on to sheet 2 (word problems). 



We are going to continue our learning about inspirational people and today we are going to learn about Mary Seacole.  Watch the video by clicking here of Mrs Graham narrating a Mary Seacole powerpoint. Next watch the animated story 'The Life of Mrs Seacole' using the link hereFinally, complete the spider graph worksheet below as explained by Mrs Graham on the video. 


EXT: Have a look at the extra activities you can do all about Jamaica which has been created by the Ethnic Diversity Service. Maybe you'll find out about a few other famous people from there! 


Getting Mindful

Starting from this week, we are going to learn about the 3 Mindful M's:

   Mindful Thoughts - using affirmations to help us feel good about ourselves

   Mindful Breathing - learning breathing techniques to help relax your emotions 

   Mindful Body - using Yoga and meditation to relax the body and strengthen muscles

Find out more in the workshop with Mrs Graham but clicking here.  


We are going to learn a standing yoga sequence (see resources below)