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Monday 25th January


As we do now for each morning, we are going to practise our 3 Mindful M's - mindful body, mindful thoughts and mindful breathing (if you would like a reminder of the poses and breathing see resources below).

Body - Start by standing up ready and practise the yoga - remember to move to each new pose slowly and take gentle breaths in and out.  Try to build up to holding the position for 3 mindful breaths then slowly move into the next position - Mountain, star, sun and mountain.  Finish with namaste and sunshine breathing (join this week's Mindfulness Workshop with Mrs Graham here)

Remember our body also needs lots of water, healthy foods and exercise.

Thoughts - Next say today's affirmation - I am respectful. Say it three times.  When do you need to be respectful?  How can you show this?  How does it feel when someone isn't respectful to you?  What emotions go through you?  How do other people react if you aren't respectful to them?  

Remember that you can use any affirmation when you need it - eg if you are getting angry you could say I am calm.

Breathing - Finally, practise your mindful breathing using the 5 finger breathing. 

Remember you can use this strategy to calm your breathing and mind at any time, and any where.  



Today, we are going to look at our new spellings for this week, play some games with our spellings and then you are going to learn these spellings at home over this week like you would do if we were in school, and then next Monday we will have our spelling test and new spellings will be set.  You can watch the video of Mrs Hodgson going through your new spellings and playing some games with you on the video centre. Complete the picture grid on the spellings word document below. Your spelling rule for this week is: ‘s’ sound spelt with a ‘c’ (face, city, once, cycle, ice, pencil, icy, circle)

Also today, we are going to do some handwriting practise as we know that you were all enjoying learning to join your letters before Christmas focussing on correct letter formation. Watch the video (video centre) of Mrs Hodgson doing this lesson. You can pause the video if needed and practise your lovely handwriting along with me. We will be focussing on the ‘el and et’ join.



This week in maths we are looking at fractions of shapes and starting today with halving.

First, complete the halving shapes worksheet as a quick recap and practise on what splitting things into half means. 

Then head over to the video centre (click here) and watch Miss Balfe's video on the fraction half. Pause the video when Miss Balfe says to so that you can then complete the second worksheet attached - recognising a half. 

Finally watch the remainder of the video as Miss Balfe will be discussing and going through the answers to each question with you. 



Our lesson today follows on from last week when you were thinking about why you inspired others. What did you inspire others to do?  Today we are going to think about how people can be inspired to do good things as well as bad things.  Then we will explore some famous people who have inspired others.  Perhaps you will recognise a few.  Click here to join the lesson.  


Afterwards you will complete a worksheet about our learning, which is explained by Mrs Graham in her video. 



This week learn some more sign language with a song - what words have you learned to sign so far with the songs we have learned?  Can you remember how to sign (from Singing Hands Three Little Monkeys) said   monkey   more  bed? Perhaps you could watch it again. Today we are going to learn a new song called What Makes a Family.  Families can be very different  - watch it here. What words did you learn this time?  You can find the lyrics below.  Year 2 will sing the song during next week's live chats. 

Remember to practise every day.