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Here is your third Music lesson with Miss Nolan - we hope you enjoy!




Today we are looking at one more and one less with numbers to 50. We have had a go at this before with smaller numbers so if you prefer to have another go using numbers to 20, there are some alternative activities in the extra folder. Watch today's video. There are lots of maths sheets to choose from and these are different levels so just complete the ones you feel most comfortable with. Remember you do not need to complete all the sheets!

One More and One less

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English (SPAG) 

We have another SPAG lesson today, all about adding -ed to the end of words to make new words. When we add -ed, the word time travels into the past! Your activity is to read the sentences from Naughty Bus and rewrite them in the past tense, adding -ed to the verb. There are two versions of the worksheet, please choose whichever one you feel most comfortable with. If you would like extra practise, have a go at the adding -ed board game below. Just be careful, as some words are in there to trick you! If they already have an 'e' at the end, we don't need to add -ed! We just need to add a 'd'. Have a go! smiley

English - Lesson 1 - Adding -ed

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Adding '-ed' | Past Tense Verbs

The past tense refers to things that have already happened. When talking about the past, regular verbs have 'ed' on the end of them.


Today we are learning the 'wh' sound. Join in with my video and choose an activity - you can do both if you like!
One of the activities has 3 levels to choose from. Choose one to suit your level.

wh - lesson 1.mp4

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Live Check-In @ 11:30am

Use your child's Gmail account to log in and access the Google Meet with the link your teacher has sent you. Please remember to mute your device.


Welcome back to our last online superstar spelling!

Can you remember all the long oo words I taught you last week? Watch the video and see!

This week I want you to learn the short oo words and spell them.







Superstar Spelling - oo short.mp4

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St. David's Day!

Today is St. David's Day and it is widely celebrated by people in Wales!

Watch Miss James' video to learn more! (sorry it's a little bit long!!)

Here are some other videos you can enjoy too.

Guess the song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5h5iaiNsyE

Cbeebies St. Davids's Day - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awy4whEQt4A


Activities you can do today, your choice:

Make a daffodil

Colour in a daffodil or a Welsh flag

Make welsh cakes - https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/welsh-cakes yum!!


I said in the video that it was a good job we couldn't find any photos of Miss James in my traditional Welsh costume.

Then my Daddy sent me this!! I hope it makes you laugh and smile  (Miss James is on the right!) laugh



St. David's Day.mp4

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